Gorham’s Holmes starts college season in perfect fashion

Indiana’s Mackenzie Holmes made all 13 of her shot attempts in a season-opening win over Eastern Kentucky last week for a career-high 26 points. Holmes also had eight rebounds, seven blocked shots and two steals in just 21 minutes. Missy Minear photo/Indiana University athletics

As a freshman last year at Indiana University, Mackenzie Holmes set a school record by hitting 63.4 percent of her shots for the women’s basketball team.

She apparently wants to break that record again.

Mackenzie Holmes

Holmes, the former Gorham High star, made all 13 of her shot attempts in Indiana’s season-opening 100-51 victory over Eastern Kentucky on Nov. 25. The 6-foot-3 forward finished with a career-high 26 points in her third career start. She also had eight rebounds, seven blocked shots and two steals.

It was a command performance that may just be a preview of what’s to come.

Holmes spent the offseason working on her skills and remaking her body – she’s lost about 20 pounds since the start of her freshman year – to the point where she can now take a larger role for the 13th-ranked Hoosiers.

Indiana Coach Teri Moren is certainly high on Holmes, especially her work ethic.

“Mac has always been about the extra and that’s one of the things that we appreciate about her,” she said. “She’s going to continue to get better and you’re going to see her game grow into being one of the best, if not the best, low block post players in the Big Ten.”

Holmes takes such accolades in stride. She’s just happy to be playing, especially during a coronavirus pandemic that has made everything more challenging.

“We know every day together as team, especially in these times, is a great day,” she said in a Zoom conference with reporters on Wednesday. “When we played last Wednesday, we all had a lot of fun being on the court together.”

Holmes has always had talent – she was the Maine Gatorade Player of the Year as a senior at Gorham and last year was named to the Big Ten all-freshman team after averaging 10.8 points and 5.2 rebounds – and a strong work ethic. And while at home in Maine during the spring, she decided to change her body.

“I feel like I had so much time in quarantine to think about everything and reflect over the past year and I decided it was something I needed to do for myself,” she said. “It wasn’t something that was super difficult … I watched what I was eating, put the right things in my body, and was working out. I gradually just lost weight.”

When she returned to Bloomington, Indiana, to resume classes and practices, Holmes contacted the team’s strength coach (Kevin Konopasek) and nutritionist (Isaac Hicks) and set up a plan to continue becoming more fit. Konapasek gave her exercises designed to help her basketball skills; Hicks set up a meal plan.

Holmes no longer eats processed foods and limits her intake of pasta

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Ruten Japan Christmas Shopping 2020 Top Picks Starts today

TOKYO, Dec. 1, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Ruten Japan launched the 2020 Christmas Special Shopping Event today (12/01), featuring a wide variety of Japanese limited brand products. From Christmas decorations to various gift boxes, Ruten recommends 60 million Japanese items to their worldwide members from designated 13 countries and regions. Ruten customers still get to enjoy the free international shipping fee if purchasing over US$50 dollars.

Save on 60 Million Free Shipping Christmas 2020 Items on Ruten Japan

Ruten Japan’s CEO, Yun Su indicates that since the launch of Ruten Global, it has attracted few attention from many consumers. From the last Single’s Day Event, Ruten Global successfully caught the eye of Ruten’s first-time shopper, especially those from Hong Kong, Singapore, Canada and New Zealand. Catering to the end-of-the-year Christmas shopping season, Ruten Japan promotes several products from different Japanese brands in order to target different levels of customers. Ruten Global not only is dedicated to providing the best fitted Christmas presents, but also is continuing to promote its free international shopping service for its customers. Ruten’s mission is to provide a more convenient online shopping environment with cheaper and higher quality Japanese products. 

The “2020 Christmas Special Shopping Event” is designed based on customers’ needs, featuring the promotion for their gift-exchange recipients. The promotion includes Japanese brands, Japanese in-land best sellers, and Christmas limited items in Japan. The featuring 8 categories of the promoting items are: Christmas time limited assorted sweets gift boxes, children’s toys, Japanese animation and video game products, teenager sports brands manufactured in Japan, Christmas time limited cosmetics and skin care products, and Christmas decorations and Christmas ambience lights. Ruten Global is introducing Japanese best selling items to global customers at this event.

For assorted sweets boxes, Tokyo Fugetsudo and Yoku moku items are highly recommended brands for this Christmas special event. Japanese brands such as ASICS and MIZUNO are great sports goods gifts for teenagers. As for female customers, Japanese cosmetics and supplements are also available. And of course, don’t miss out on the latest Japanese animation and video game related products! These Christmas items can be bought easily and conveniently at once on Ruten Japan.

The 2020 Christmas Gift Exchange Shopping Guide: https://en.ruten.co.jp/campaign/Christmas_EN

Ruten Japan: https://en.ruten.co.jp/

Note: Ruten Japan’s designated 13 delivery countries and regions are: Singapore, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Taiwan, Canada, New Zealand, England, Indonesia, Macau, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, and Korea 


SOURCE Ruten Japan

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What Does Black Friday Mean? Origin, History and Why It Starts the Shopping Season

On Black Friday, people all across the country will burn off their Thanksgiving 15 or work through hangovers in search of major discounts on TVs, video game consoles and Christmas gifts. The term “Black Friday” has existed for over 50 years, but most people likely only associate it with great retail deals, or the mobs of people rushing to try to take advantage of said deals.

website: A man wearing a mask walks past a Black Friday sign displayed at Macy's Herald Square on November 20, 2020 in New York City.

© Alexi Rosenfeld/Getty
A man wearing a mask walks past a Black Friday sign displayed at Macy’s Herald Square on November 20, 2020 in New York City.

The origins of the name “Black Friday” are often disputed, though. Dictionary.com explains that one of the earliest uses trace back to an 1869 gold market crash when financiers Jay Gould and Jim Fisk bought up a large amount of gold only for the price to drop shortly after. The term apparently caught on with factory owners in the 1950s, because so many workers would call out sick the day after Thanksgiving.

According to The New York Times, the phrase began to be associated with shopping in the 1960s, when Philadelphia police dubbed the day after Thanksgiving “Black Friday” due to traffic congestion and large crowds. Retailers tried to change the name to “Big Friday,” because of the gloomy connotations that the original name has (what with the “Black Monday” of it all). When that didn’t take, eventually, stores across the country decided to interpret the name as taking their ledger books from red to black (indicating that it was the day they moved out of their debt).

While the name only dates back about 60 years, the idea of retailers tying their holiday deals to the Friday after Thanksgiving predates that particular term by decades. According to a 2013 HuffPost article, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt officially moved Thanksgiving to the second-to-last Thursday in November in 1939, due to pressure from the Retail Dry Goods Association. As Thanksgiving fell on November 30 that year, retailers thought that the shorter holiday shopping season would negatively impact revenue. Many Americans (and some retailers) disregarded the new date, though, and called it “Franksgiving” instead. In 1941, Congress passed a law saying that Thanksgiving would land on the fourth Thursday of the month.

The History Of Black Friday And Cyber Monday



While many people simply use the day to try to get a cheap TV from their local electronics aisle, the annual capitalist dash does sometimes result in tragedies. A website called “Black Friday Death Count” has compiled articles about people who’ve died and been injured each year on Black Friday since 2008. Some have been trampled in the run to take advantage of Black Friday deals, while some Black Fridays have been marked by shootings and car accidents. The website indicates that at least 12 people have died in Black Friday-related incidents and 117 have been injured.

With the COVID-19 pandemic this year, a number of shops have started Black Friday sales early.

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With a legacy of success at goalie, Badgers women’s hockey team starts fresh at the position | Wisconsin Badgers Hockey

Blair said she has been paired in practice with Gervais, which has given the 22-year-old veteran a chance to pass along hints to the 17-year-old freshman.

“I think that really helps her develop and transition into her spot and her role,” Blair said. “I know my freshman year having that with (Campbell) at North Dakota really helped. So I think that only helps her as well.”

Gervais looks like Campbell in the crease, Blair said. Blair resembles an old-school goalie who prefers facing shots while standing instead of on the ice.

Kronish said she plays a structured style while Blesi has the most aggressive game of the bunch.

They’ve been good in practice, Johnson said, but that only carries weight until game experience comes in.

“The ultimate viewing for us is going to be in games and how each goaltender handles herself in a particular game,” he said. “The challenge is we start off down at Ohio State and then we’re up at Minnesota. So they’re going to get their feet wet real early. We’ll find out, probably, answers about each one of them, depending on how much playing time they get.”

Badgers women's hockey team names co-captains for 2020-21 season

There’s a high level of excitement with the team after a long build-up to the season, Johnson said. Ohio State, which defeated the Badgers in last season’s Western Collegiate Hockey Association playoff championship game, will test UW in all areas of the ice.

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Actor Alia Bhatt starts a children’s clothing brand Ed-a-Mamma

Indian film actor Alia Bhatt launched her own conscious clothing apparel brand for children, Ed-a-Mamma, in October 2020. The brand caters to children aged two to 14. A completely homegrown brand, Ed-a-Mamma is currently available on the ecommerce platform Firstcry, and has sold 70 percent of its first season’s collection in six weeks of launch. The startup is self-funded and is founded by Alia.

Alia Bhatt said, ‘This is a time of great uncertainty for the whole world. The universe is sending us a message: that if we mess with nature, there is a price we all have to pay. If there is a way when we can coexist with nature, include a way to care for nature in everything we do, it would go a long, long way. I’ve tried doing this with a universe of products for children.”

“Every detail does its bit for mother nature. Be it non-synthetic garments, buttons that don’t use plastic, seed bombs that help you grow a garden. Why children’s products? To catch them young and create a love for nature at an early age,” she added.

Alia Bhatt

Alia Bhatt

The press statement added that Ed-a-Mamma currently has three collections — Veggie Squad, Friends of the Ocean, and Candyland, with apparel for little girls and boys ranging from tops, tees and shirts, skirts, dresses, jumpsuits, and bottoms.

The products are all environmentally friendly and are made of natural fibres. The buttons and trims too are plastic free. Ed-a-Mamma also makes use of leftover fabric to make hair ties and potlis. The statement added that Ed-a-Mamma is pegged on storytelling and engaging with children at multiple levels.

It seeks to create conversation with its core target audience, inculcate good habits, and encourage children to adopt environment first practices, kindness towards animals, and make better choices.

Apart from Ed-a-Mamma, Alia previously also started Coexist, an online platform that highlights ecological and animal welfare issues. She had also started Mi Wardrobe is Su Wardrobe (MiSu), a closet sharing initiative, roping in industry friends and colleagues to expand the scope of conversation around conservation.

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Is the Mall Open on Thanksgiving 2020? When Shopping Starts Ahead of Black Friday

Most malls are closed on Thanksgiving Day 2020, which this year falls on November 26. However, all malls resume operations from the day after Thanksgiving, Black Friday, which sees various retail venues offer discounted prices on a range of products.

a group of people standing in a room: People line up outside a store at the Mall of America on June 10 in Minnesota.

© Getty Images
People line up outside a store at the Mall of America on June 10 in Minnesota.

The History Of Black Friday And Cyber Monday



But customers can start shopping online ahead of Black Friday, as several major retailers, including Amazon, Best Buy, Walmart, and several others, have launched their sales early ahead of November 27.

Here, we look at the hours of operation at some of the country’s largest malls on Thanksgiving Day and Black Friday.

Mall of America

Minnesota’s Mall of America, the country’s largest mall with more than 5.6 million square feet of retail space, is closed on Thanksgiving but will be open on Black Friday from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. local time.

The Mall of America has issued several safety guidelines amid the ongoing pandemic, such as a mask mandate. “Guests are required to wear a face covering throughout their visits. Children under five years old are exempt.

“Beginning Nov. 21, in accordance with state requirements all indoor dining will be unavailable. During this time, many Mall restaurants and food court tenants will continue to offer food for takeout and delivery, but it cannot be consumed on property.

“Additionally, following the latest guidance of state government officials, and to keep everyone safe, all Mall of America attractions, including Nickelodeon Universe, will be closed temporarily,” the company stated.

American Dream

New Jersey’s American Dream mall is closed on Thanksgiving, including its retail and dining facilities as well as the Dreamworks Water Park, Nickelodeon Universe, Out of the World Blacklight Mini Golf, Angrybirds Not So Mini Golf Club and indoor ice skating rink venues.

Retail and dining areas will be reopened from 9 a.m. to 11 p.m. on Black Friday. See the American Dream website for Black Friday opening times for the mall’s other venues.

The American Dream mall reopened its doors on October 1, following a seven-month closure due to the COVID-19 outbreak. Several precautionary measures are in place, including required face coverings and a 25 percent capacity limit.

Roosevelt Field Mall

The Roosevelt Field Mall in Garden City, New York is not open on Thanksgiving but will resume operations from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m. local time on Black Friday.

The mall, owned by the Simon Property Group, reopened in July, after remaining closed for months since late March amid the ongoing outbreak. Customers are required to wear face coverings and maintain a social distance during their visit.

Back in late April, the Simon Property Group noted: “Our employees and security officers will actively remind and encourage shoppers to maintain the proper distance from fellow shoppers and workers, and refrain from shopping in groups. Tenants should do the same within their leased spaces,” in a memo on

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Apple 4-Day Shopping Event Starts Friday; Gift Cards Offered

Apple  (AAPL) – Get Report said that its four-day shopping event will start Friday in the U.S, U.K., Canada, Australia and New Zealand among other countries, according to media reports.

Apple will offer customers up to a $150 Apple Store gift card with purchases of select products from Black Friday through Cyber Monday, Nov. 27 through 30, according to the Cupertino, Calif., tech giant’s company’s announcement.

The $150 gift card comes with purchase of the 16-inch MacBook Pro and the 21.5 inch iMac.

The $25 gift card will come with purchases of the Apple Watch Series 3, AirPods, and AirPods Pro, while the $50 gift card comes with the iPhone SE, iPhone 11, iPhone XR, 13-inch MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, Apple TV, and five models of Beats headphones.

The offer in the four-day shopping event excludes the M1 Macs, Apple Watch Series 6, HomePod mini, and the new iPad Air.

Also excluded: refurbished products, products purchased with a student discount, iPhones purchased through the iPhone Upgrade program, and iPhone 12 models, according to media reports.

Last week, Apple said that it was halving the fees charged to developers who sell software and services on the App Store. The cut takes effect in January.

The company will charge a 15% commission for developers who produce up to $1 million in annual revenue, down from the previous fee of 30% it charged all developers.

Apple said that the move is designed to “accelerate innovation and help small businesses and independent developers propel their business forward with the next generation” of apps on its platform.

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Ulta Beauty Black Friday 2020 sale starts today

The first round of Ulta Beauty’s 2020 Black Friday sale deals go online tonight, with in-store deals set to begin on Sunday.

See all the Black Friday deals online now at the Ulta Beauty website.

More special deals are expected to be added to the Ulta Beauty website on Tuesday, Nov. 24.

Here are some of the first-round deals being featured starting Saturday night:

Great Skin Everywhere Set for Very Dry to Dry Combination Skin: $47.60. Original Price $68.00

Market Value ($97 value)

Romance Moi 12 Piece Ultra Matte Lip Vault Sale Price $42.00. Original Price $50.00

Market Value ($84 value)

HOT TOOLS 24K Gold Charcoal Infused One-Step Blowout, Sale Price$49.99, Original Price $74.99

PHILOSOPHY Purity Made Simple One-Step Facial Cleanser, Sale Price$15.00, Original Price $25.00

Ulta Beauty shop

FILE – Ulta Beauty stores will be closed on Thanksgiving this year, but its Black Friday 2020 deals begin online Saturday, November 21. (AP Photo/Nam Y. Huh, File)AP

PEACH & LILY Power Calm Hydrating Gel Cleanser, Sale Price$15.00, Original Price $28.00

Scents For The Seasons For Her Sampler Kit, Sale Price$14.75, Original Price $29.50

Scents For The Seasons For Him Sampler Kit, Sale Price$14.75, Original Price $29.50

Beauty Box: Prism Edition Holographic Teal, Sale Price $14.99, Original Price $29.99

Too Faced Sex Ed: Lash is in Session Mascara & Liner Set, Price $17.00, Market Value ($38 value)


Ulta Beauty features 20,000 beauty products across 500 brands.

(Staten Island Advance/Tracey Porpora) – NWS ULTA BEAUTY Staten Island AdvanceStaten Island Advance

Buy 2, get 1 free on OPI items: OPI Shine On Infinite Shine Trio Price $19.99

IT’S A 10 Miracle Leave-In Plus Keratin, Sale Price $10.49 – $21.49, Original Price $20.99 – $42.99

NYX PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP, Diamonds & Ice, Please! Holiday Countdown Advent Calendar, Sale Price $27.50, Original Price $55.00

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