Tesla Model 3 with and without heat pump comparison

We compare one of the very first Tesla Model 3s without a heat pump to a newer model with one. The latter shows impressive initial results with what appears to be about twice the efficiency when running the heater.

With the launch of the Model Y earlier this year, Tesla introduced its own heat pump design.

It moved away from the resistive heater, which uses a heating element that converts electrical energy into heat, in the Model 3, the Model Y’s sister vehicle.

A heat pump system has the potential to be much more efficient, resulting in a longer range.

Elon Musk said that the Tesla Model Y heat pump is “some of the best engineering he has seen in a while.”

It took a few months, but Tesla brought the heat pump to the Model 3 with the 2021 refresh.

Now the first batch of new 2021 Tesla Model 3 vehicles have been delivered, and YouTuber Bjorn Nyland did a comparison test with his 2019 Tesla Model 3, which doesn’t have a heat pump:

He let the heat run in both cars for several hours at 21C (70F) to see how much of a difference the heat pump made.

Based on his test, he concluded his 2019 Model 3 without the heat pump required 2,170 watts to maintain the temperature. The new 2021 Model 3, on the other hand, needed only 735 watts.

That’s about three times more efficient.

Electrek’s Take

Interesting test and results, and props to Bjorn for running the test. However, I think there’s a bit of a mistake.

He got good readings on his own cars since he had access to the battery data through his third-party app. But he didn’t have access to the same data on the new Model 3.

For the Model 3 with the heat pump, he instead used the percentage of the state of charge and assumed a usable capacity of 73 kWh.

However, we have been getting reports that the new Long Range Model 3 has a bigger battery capacity.

We are talking about 5% bigger, so it wouldn’t change the results too much.

The new heat pump is certainly more efficient. But I believe it could be closer to twice as efficient, which is still impressive.

We are going to need more tests in the future. I am particularly interested to see how it performs in much colder weather in the coming months.

What do you think? Let us know in the comment section below.

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Tesla Model 3 owner helps remind us Christmas lights on cars are no good

Tesla with Xmas lights

Yeah, don’t do this.

Burnaby RCMP/Twitter

The holiday season is upon us, and in many places around the world, Christmas lights are ready to find a home on shrubs, awnings, gutters and so many other places. But, you may or may not be aware, the lovely lights often aren’t permitted on vehicles. Unfortunately, this Tesla Model 3 driver in Canada dished out a seasonal reminder.

The Burnaby Royal Canadian Mounted Police tweeted Wednesday after pulling over a Model 3 absolutely decked out with Christmas lights, and noted the driver was issued a ticket. “Please don’t do this, it can be dangerous if they fall off in traffic, never mind the distraction,” the tweet reads. 

While this incident happened in Canada, this applies to the US as well. There isn’t any sort of blanket regulation that bars Christmas lights from cars, but local jurisdictions oftentimes frown upon the distracting lights. If you want to really pick nits, there are plenty of specific colors drivers can not display on their vehicle either. Those will draw their own kinds of citations. Think red and blue lights, which could be confused for a police vehicle.

To play it safe, keep the lights at home. Plus it’s way cooler to funnel your energy into an at-home display. 

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Final Days To Enter To Win Tesla Model X Plus $32,000 Cash Are Here

a car parked in a parking lot: Tesla Model X: Dream Giveaway

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Tesla Model X: Dream Giveaway

Act fast before it’s too late!

Time is quickly running out to enter for your chance to win Tesla’s most expensive, capable model – the Model X Performance SUV. This prize package not only includes the Model X, but an additional $32,000 to pay for taxes. You can also double your entry tickets as a bonus with a minimum donation of just $25, just for reading Motor1.com. But get your tickets now, because the entry period ends soon on December 1, 2020. 

Only 2 weeks remain to enter, so get your tickets now!

This isn’t just any old Tesla Model X, either. It’s 100% loaded, with no option left unchecked. The specific model up for grabs is the ultra fast Model X Performance, which produces the most power and, thanks to Ludicrous Mode, drops the SUV’s 0-60 time from 4.4 seconds to just 2.7 seconds – an astonishing feat for a vehicle that seats up to seven people. Not only that, the Model X Performance still offers over 300 miles of all-electric driving range. 

Aesthetically, this Model X is as crisp as they come with its Solid Black paint (a $1,500 option) and 22-inch Onyx Black Wheels (another $5,500). The interior, meanwhile, is skinned in white leather and carbon fiber (cha-ching: $2,000). The last option from the factory is Full Self-Driving Capability, which now costs $10,000 and future-proofs your Model X by giving it access to Tesla’s full battery of technology enhancements as they become available. 

Our friends at Dream Giveaway haven’t left this Model X stock, either. What could make it better? How about an Unplugged Performance Performance Sports Air Suspension Lowering Kit? They’ve also upgraded the interior and exterior LED lights (a common complaint of Teslas). We think you’ll agree it’s the meanest-looking Model X you’ve ever seen. 

Dream Giveaway won’t stick you with the tax bill on your prize, either. The winner will also receive $32,000 in cash to help pay Uncle Sam for the privilege of taking home this electric rocket. 

Winning this Tesla Model X Performance is as easy as donating to a worthy cause. Click here, make a donation, and you’re automatically entered to win. As an exclusive deal for Motor1.com readers, Dream Giveaway will automatically double your tickets 

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Ford Mustang Mach-E Matches Tesla Model Y for 0-to-60 mph | News

2021 Ford Mustang Mach-E GT Performance Edition

Manufacturer image

Solidifying earlier claims that the Mustang Mach-E could hit 60 mph in the mid-3-second range, Ford announced today that its new all-electric SUV would blow past the mark in a targeted 3.5 seconds. That’s for the GT Performance Edition, which makes 480 horsepower and 634 pounds-feet of torque.

Related: Ford Mustang Mach-E Leans Into Muscle-Car Moniker With More Power, Speed

To slow all that down, the GT Performance Edition gets 19-inch front brakes (yes, brakes, not wheels) with red Brembo calipers. It also has 20-inch wheels, Pirelli P245/45R20 summer tires and MagneRide adaptive shock absorbers. Sold as a package beyond the Mustang Mach-E’s GT trim level, the Performance Edition can be added to an existing GT reservation upon ordering in the spring. Both the GT and GT Performance Edition go on sale late in the summer of 2021, Ford says, with advance orders available now.

Sans Performance Edition, the GT makes 480 hp and 600 pounds-feet of torque; Ford targets 3.8 seconds to hit 60 mph. That’s still considerably quicker than other editions of the Mach-E, which hit 60 mph in a Ford-estimated 4.8 to 6.1 seconds, depending what you get.

The GT Performance Edition gets a targeted EPA-estimated range of 235 miles, though probably not if your trip involves many of those 3.5-second runs. As of this writing, the EPA has yet to publish range estimates for any variant of the Mach-E, but Ford announced Nov. 23 that it had completed certification with the agency for range estimates from 210 to 300 miles, depending on the variant. (The Mach-E comes in standard- and extended-range versions with rear- or all-wheel drive.)

Related Video:

If you like comparing specs, Ford’s numbers are closely competitive to the Mach-E’s likeliest competitor, the Tesla Model Y. Tesla’s newest SUV nabs EPA-estimated ranges of 291 to 316 miles and Tesla-estimated 0-60 mph acceleration of 3.5 to 4.8 seconds, variant depending; a forthcoming standard-range model targets around 230 miles of range and a 5.9-second sprint to 60 mph.

Deliveries begin this month for lower trims of the Mustang Mach-E, which starts at $43,995 including destination but before any tax incentives. The GT starts just over $60,000; pricing for the GT Performance Edition wasn’t immediately available.

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Tesla (TSLA) Secures Green Signal for Sale of Model Y in China

Tesla Inc. TSLA recently procured an official permission to start selling its Shanghai-made Model Y series of sports utility vehicle (SUV) in China.

Tesla’s flagship model in China — Model Y — has been recently registered officially with the nation’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT). Chinese regulators at the MIIT published the sales approval on its website this Monday.

The Model Y is an all-electric, mid-sized SUV, with seating capacity up to seven, equipped with cylindrical nickel, cobalt and manganese (NCM) batteries. It is the second model Tesla will manufacture at its Giga Factory in Shanghai, China, following the Model 3 sedan. Earlier this month, the company started boosting the production capacity of its Shanghai Giga factory so it could commence producing the Model Y vehicles there. The Shanghai factory is slated to roll out its first Model Y cars in early 2021.

Tesla currently sells its Model 3 electric vehicles (EV) in China. The Shanghai Giga factory began production last October and sold its first made-in-China Tesla cars, the Model 3 series, to Chinese customers in December the same year. The company, in fact, delivered more than 12,000 Model 3 vehicles in the country in October this year. The EV giant has also started exporting China-made Model 3 cars to Europe as well as plans to develop electric vehicle chargers in China in 2021.

Tesla’s Giga Factory was waiting for a production permit to mass produce the Model Y. Now that the red-hot EV maker has obtained the sales permit from MIIT, it can commence mass production of Model Y. Tesla China’s goal is to manufacture 550,000 units in 2021, out of which 250,000 Model Y vehicles need to be produced next year. Given that 2021 will be the first year Giga Shanghai attempts to produce the Model Y, building 250,000 units of Model Y SUV would be quite a challenge for the company.
Moreover, if the Shanghai Giga Factory is able to meet its target, Tesla — currently carrying a Zacks Rank #3 (Hold) — could produce 1 million cars in a year in 2021, achieving another milestone. You can see the complete list of today’s Zacks #1 Rank (Strong Buy) stocks here.

Rising EV Frenzy in the Chinese Auto Sector

Currently, China is the world’s biggest EV market and the country has been head strong in its transition toward a green future.  Importantly, the country aims electric cars to account for 25% of the new car sales by 2025 and kick start an era of green transportation. Amid this transforming scenario, automakers in China are fast changing gears to electric. Despite the coronavirus pandemic rattling the auto sector, China’s EV space has been witnessing a boom as one after another carmakers have reported new highs in monthly and quarterly deliveries.

Reportedly, Tesla’s share of China’s EV market was 21% during the first six months of 2020 compared with the prior year’s 6%. Tesla regained its Chinese market share once it started selling domestically-produced vehicles in

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China clears Tesla to sell Shanghai-made Model Y SUVs

Chinese officials have given Tesla the green light to sell Model Y SUVs made at its Shanghai plant once they start rolling off the assembly line there.

Beijing’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology posted the approval on its website Monday, clearing a regulatory hurdle for Tesla as it expands its presence in the world’s largest market for electric cars.

The Elon Musk-led automaker has been building up the capacity to manufacture the Model Y at its Chinese plant, which opened about a year ago and is already able to produce 250,000 Model 3 sedans annually. Tesla expects to start delivering Shanghai-made Model Y’s next year.

China has played a significant role in Tesla’s expansion plans as the Silicon Valley giant worked to deliver 500,000 vehicles by the end of the year. The company sold more than 13,000 vehicles there in October and reportedly exported about 7,000 Model 3’s from China to Europe late last month.

Employees work at the Tesla Gigafactory in Shanghai.
Employees work at the Tesla Gigafactory in Shanghai.Xinhua News Agency/Getty Images

Tesla already makes the Model Y at its main car factory in Fremont, California, where production was temporarily halted earlier this year amid the coronavirus pandemic. The company recalled about 400 Model Y’s in the US last week over concerns that loose bolts in the steering system could affect the driver’s ability to steer.

The US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration separately announced Friday that it had launched a formal investigation into about 115,000 Tesla cars over safety concerns about their suspensions. A similar problem led the company to recall about 30,000 vehicles in China last month, but Tesla told US regulators at the time that the issue was “exceedingly rare.”

Tesla shares were down about 2.8 percent Monday at $569.29 as of 10:51 a.m.

With Post wires

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Tesla Model S and Model X suspension failures prompt US safety investigation

The federal government has opened a safety probe into a suspension issue that potentially affects up to 115,000 vehicles and could suddenly leave owners stranded. 

According to the Preliminary Evaluation, issued Friday by the NHTSA Office of Defects Investigation, front-suspension fore links (on the left or right side) could fail in 2015-2017 Tesla Model S and 2016-2017 Tesla Model X vehicles—all built from January 19, 2016 to May 25, 2016.

There haven’t been any reports of crashes or injuries due to the issue. If the part fails completely, the agency notes that the driver can still maintain control of the car but the tire itself may make contact with the wheel arch liner.

The probe could potentially lead to a recall, but as the agency suggests, it depends on the “consequences of the alleged defect.”

2020 Tesla Model X

2020 Tesla Model X

“The complaints appear to indicate an increasing trend,” the NHTSA notes. It has recorded and verified 43 owner complaints of the issue, including 32 in the past two years and three in the past three months. There are an additional eight complaints that the agency hasn’t yet been able to confirm with photos or repair records.

Of those verified, 32 involve failure that occurred during parking maneuvers at below 10 mph. Eleven of the complaints occurred while driving at speeds above 10 mph, including four at highway speeds. 

Consumer Reports has cited suspension issues in the past as an issue in the Model S and Model X, but those mainly pertain to the air suspension system. A recall of the Tesla Model Y was recently initiated due to front-suspension assembly issue.

In October, China ordered the recall of the Model S and Model X for two issues, both relating to the front suspension, which Tesla is reportedly disputing. Green Car Reports has reached out to Tesla for clarification on whether one of these is the same issue. 

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Tesla Given Permission To Sell Model Y Electric Vehicle In China

The MarketWatch News Department was not involved in the creation of this content.

Nov 30, 2020 (Baystreet.ca via COMTEX) —
Electric carmaker Tesla (NASDAQ:TSLA) has been given permission to start selling its Shanghai-made Model Y sports utility vehicle throughout China.

China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology in Beijing published the approval on its website Monday. The permission should further boost Tesla’s sales in the world’s largest consumer market.

Tesla now sells its Model 3 electric cars in China and has been building new car manufacturing capacity in Shanghai to make its Model Y SUV. The company applied for the Shanghai-made Model Y SUV sales permission earlier in November.

Tesla had started delivering vehicles made in its Shanghai factory last December and sold more than 13,000 Model 3 vehicles in China in October. Tesla’s made-in-China Model 3 vehicles are also being shipped to Europe, with about 3,500 Model 3s from China having been shipped to Europe this autumn.

Tesla also said last week that it plans to also start making electric vehicle chargers in China in 2021. Tesla plans to invest $6.4 million in a new factory to produce up to 10,000 new “Superchargers” a year to serve the domestic Chinese market.

Superchargers allow customers to charge their electric vehicles quickly, and Tesla aims to have enough of them distributed so that its customer can worry less about range issues and finding places to recharge their car batteries.


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Tesla Secures China Tax Exemption for Model Y

Tesla  (TSLA) – Get Report said on Monday that it secured tax exemptions in China for its Model Y compact SUV, taking the electric-vehicle maker a step closer to delivering to customers in China, a media report said.

China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology included the Model Y in its 12th batch of recommended “new energy vehicles” – making the electric SUV eligible for electric-vehicle incentives, including tax exemptions, in the country.

Tesla’s Model Y will be manufactured at its Shanghai Gigafactory, Electrek reported. 

Earlier Monday Tesla had received approval from Chinese authorities to begin selling its Shanghai-made Model Y sport utility vehicle in the country. It earlier this month had applied for permission to sell the Shanghai-made Model Y, Reuters reported.

The approval was published on the website of China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

Tesla currently sells its Model 3 electric cars in China and has been ramping up manufacturing capacity in Shanghai to make the Model Y. 

Tesla reportedly delivered 13,000 vehicles in the country last month. 

Tesla plans to start building electric-vehicle chargers at its Shanghai plant in 2021. 

Last week, Tesla said it would recall 9,537 vehicles, including Model X and Model Y SUVs after a U.S. agency said they may have been defective.

The decision by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration included 401 Tesla Model Y vehicles from 2020. The agency said the car had loose bolts.

Tesla’s share price has surged this year, driven most recently by its approaching inclusion in the S&P 500 index. Tesla will join the index on Dec. 21.

Shares of the Palo Alto, Calif., company at last check dropped 1.2% to $579.05.

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Tesla surges 4% to record high amid approval from China to sell its Model Y SUV

Tesla Model Y
  • Tesla’s stock hit a record high on Monday amid a report from Reuters that the electric vehicle company gained approval from China to sell its Model Y SUV in the country.
  • Tesla has built up its manufacturing capabilities in Shanghai to produce the Model Y SUV.
  • The company already sells its Model 3 in the country, and sold 13,000 vehicles in the country last month.
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Tesla surged to record highs on Monday following a report from Reuters that it received approval from the Chinese government to sell its Model Y SUV in the country.

The approval came in the form of documents released by China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, according to Reuters. Tesla requested permission from China to sell its Model Y earlier this month. 

Tesla has already been selling its Model 3 in the country, and delivered 13,000 vehicles in the country last month. 

The company has been building up its manufacturing capabilities in the country since late 2018 with its Shanghai plant, which currently produces the Model 3 and will begin to produce and deliver Model Y cars in early 2021.

Tesla jumped as much as 4% in Monday trades, hitting a record high of $607.80. The move higher helped solidify its market valuation of more than $500 billion, though the gains eventually deteriorated in Monday’s trading session.

Tesla’s Shanghai plant is proving to be instrumental in its expansion plans, as it begins to export Model 3 vehicles produced in China to Europe. The company also plans to begin building electric vehicle chargers at its Shanghai plant in 2021. 

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tsla c.JPG

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