Be Part of Women’s Health’s Next Virtual Health & Fitness Event

Women’s Health’s next virtual event is coming soon – and it’s going to be our biggest one ever.

Of course, we don’t want to give away too much just yet, but considering past events have seen tens of thousands of women tune in from the UK and beyond to work out with and hear talks by the likes of Jillian Michaels, Davina McCall and Kayla Itsines…

Well, you know this one is going to be *big*.

This time, we’re inviting brands to take part, and reach our audience – for starters, that’s a social media following of 1.4 million strong. Interest piqued? Here’s more info.

What are WH Virtual events?

While getting together to get sweaty is not an option, we connected with our audience in two groundbreaking virtual events in 2020.

In both, we’ve beamed fitness, health and wellness sensations like Jillian Michaels, Davina McCall, Kayla Itsines, Kelsey Wells, Dianne Buswell, Simone De La Rue and Jessica Skye straight into our readers’ living rooms for a series of thought-provoking interviews and star-studded workouts.

In our next virtual event – WH Weekenders – we’re looking to build on this incredible success.

What’s new this time?

We mentioned bigger, right? Instead of a two- or three-day event, our next virtual event will last four weeks.

Over the course of four weekends, we’ve scheduled in workouts with some of the world’s hottest trainers and celebs – but WH Weekenders is not all about getting sweaty.

Our audience will also be able to tune into fascinating panel talks with some of WH‘s editors and the UK’s top experts in fitness, health and wellness. We’re also spicing things up with several cook-alongs by top chefs, foodies and brands.

The line-up WH Weekenders will be announced in the coming weeks (and we can’t wait!)

Of course, the event length and line-up is not all we’re building on. We recognise that a big part of our in-person Women’s Health Live event was the opportunity for brands to showcase their products and services to our audience – so we’ve devised a few new ways for you to reach them. Virtually, of course.

1. WH Weekenders Marketplace

The first, our WH Weekenders Marketplace, will offer businesses the chance to exhibit with us. On the final weekend of January, event attendees will be able to attend our the online marketplace, where they’ll be able to shop and receive discounts to their favourite wellness brands.

2. WH Weekenders E-Zine

As an event bonus, our registered attendees will receive our free e-zine – a digital event guide and marketplace electronic magazine, which will feature a selection of our favourite wellness brands.


When + where is it happening?

The event will take place over the last 4 weekends of January 2021 – that’s Saturday 9 – Sunday 31 Jan.

The workouts, panel talks and cook-alongs will all be hosted on Women’s Health’s YouTube channel.

How to get involved

If you’re a band looking to get

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Leah Abbott Chats Styling Jorja Smith And Virtual Date Night Outfits

We’ve all spent 2020 getting familiar with technology that many of us had rarely even used before never mind relied solely on (Zoom, we’re looking at you), but if you’ve simultaneously been navigating the world of dating this year then you deserve a medal.

But in lieu of such insignia – a medal *really* doesn’t go with the #lewk does it? – we’ve gone one better, and are rewarding you dating troopers with some exclusive access to one of fashion’s favourite stylists right now, Leah Abbott, who has been giving us all of her top tips on how to dress for a successful virtual date night.

Yep, as if dating wasn’t already enough of a minefield, 2020 decided to ensure you could only do so via a computer screen. And they say romance is dead…

I was proposed to on a group video call during lockdown and this is how I felt

Having teamed up with dating app Bumble and rental fashion app By Rotation, the woman behind Jorja Smith’s most epic looks has curated an edit of the very best pieces on the rental app to loan for that candlelit (*laptop-screen-lit*) first meeting.

Affordable, sustainable and stylist-approved… Virtual dating just started looking up.

Q Tell us a bit more about the partnership and your curated edit?

A Bumble found that almost half (46%) of people get ready for a virtual date the same way you would in IRL, and I think it’s super important to feel great but also be comfortable when wanting to show the best side of yourself when virtually dating. This is why I created the Bumble Edit within the ByRotation app. It consists of just over 30 luxury designer pieces of clothing, jewellery and accessories to help give women the confidence to put together a great look whilst virtually connecting on Bumble this festive season. The Bumble Edit covers a range of sizes and styles for all personalities.

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Q If you were going on a first date yourself, what would you wear if it were IRL and what would you wear if it were virtual? How and why would they differ?

A For me a first date outfit is a great opportunity to show a bit about myself from the moment I walk in – or video chat! IRL I would certainly play with a lot of accessories, I have a tonne of piercings which is a great conversation starter and so statement earrings are a must, this is something that can also be shown via video chat easily. In terms of clothing I would go with something comfortable, bright and easy, you don’t want to be adjusting something on camera or in IRL every five minutes, in fact once you’ve started speaking you don’t want to have to think about it at all. I love the below options from the Bumble Edit:

(L-R): Valentino dress from

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Give the gift of Bill Nye with his virtual reality science kit

This year, you can give your kids the gift of science with fully immersive VR experiments from the scientist generations have grown up with — Bill Nye. 

Bill Nye’s Virtual Reality Science Kit ($59.99) includes VR goggles and a free mobile app that can be used on any smartphone to make kids feel like they’re hanging out with Bill in his lab or are exploring rocky caves, volcanoes, or waterfalls. 

Bill Nye (the Science Guy)’s kit includes an 80-page book that can be brought to life through the VR goggles, which teaches 30 step-by-step science projects.

Kids will learn chemistry, biology, and physics through experiments that help them “tattoo” an egg, create a lemon battery, or make their own speakers. They’ll learn about scientific principles like density, oxidation, and chemical reactions and be able to follow along with Bill Nye as he walks them through all 30 experiments (with all the materials they’ll need included in the 50 piece set). 

In addition to the hands-on experiments, kids will get to watch 185 VR and AR experiences, not only in Bill Nye’s lab but also in volcanoes, waterfalls, icy rocks, and caves. 

If you’re looking for a VR gift specific for space lovers, we also recommend Professor Maxwell’s VR Universe ($49.99). Like the Bill Nye kit, this VR science kit also includes hands-on experiments and play. The 21 piece set includes materials kids will need for 31 projects, including space-related games, experiments, and crafts like creating moon dough and building a compass to explore magnetic fields and a sun dial to learn about the sun’s rotation. 

The VR goggles in Professor Maxwell’s kit bring pictures from the 80-page activity book to life, letting kids get a 360-degree view of the sun, for example. The goggles also allow kids to feel as if they’re astronauts in space, exploring Earth, our solar system, our galaxy, and other parts of the universe. They’ll get to drive a rover on Mars, see eclipses, and hold the Earth in their hands. 

bill nye vr science kit

© Provided by Live Science
bill nye vr science kit

Bill Nye’s VR Science Kit: $59.99 at Amazon

Bill Nye’s virtual reality science kit immerses kids in Bill Nye’s science lab and lets them explore rocky caves, waterfalls and other beautiful places as if they’re there in person. View Deal


© Provided by Live Science

Professor Maxwell’s VR Universe: $49.99 at Target

This virtual-reality science kit lets kids get fully immersed among the stars and planets. Includes hands-free goggles to create an immersive learning experience, as well as all the materials needed to build a sundial, magnetize a needle for a compass and even fire off your own rocket.View Deal


© Provided by Live Science

Professor Maxwell’s 4D Augmented Reality Science Kit – Chemistry: $31.08 at Amazon

The kit comes with 10 immersive chemistry projects, each with step-by-step instructions with detailed illustrations that come alive in augmented reality. Kids can follow Professor Maxwell as he explains core scientific concepts and walks them through their

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Business Editor’s Notebook: Tech Alliance sees virtual model key to its future | Business Notebook

WHILE GOING VIRTUAL might be a temporary measure for nonprofits while COVID-19 curtails public events, it’s the path forward for the New Hampshire Tech Alliance.

A four-day Innovation Summit that begins Monday likely will be the alliance’s business model for years to come, its leaders say.

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How a hands-on, student-led schooling model translated into the virtual learning environment

Mirabor Ofugara sat cross-legged on the floor of her Montessori classroom, considering a laminated card with a chocolate chip cookie on it. Was it living or non-living, the 4-year-old asked herself.

Ofugara reasoned that she, a living being, often ate cookies, but had never seen a cookie eat anything. A cookie was not alive, she declared, before placing it in a pile of cards of other non-living things.

As Ofugara sorted the peanut butter sandwiches and chocolate chip cookies from the trees and turtles, her peers in Lake Ridge Elementary’s Montessori classroom tended to their own activities. Some built towers with bright pink blocks while others used beads to learn counting skills. All the children wore masks and sat several feet apart, taking cleaning wipes to their projects when they were done.

The Montessori method is known for its emphasis on hands-on learning and student-led activities. It rarely uses technology and encourages teachers to closely observe students’ progress and craft lessons based on individual needs. But all of these values became a challenge to maintain as schools navigate the pandemic.

“To go from a very hands-on, personal type of learning to technology was a big learning curve not only for the students but for the teachers as well,” teacher Sandra Hrykewicz said.

Lake Ridge Elementary is in its second year of offering Montessori education to students. There are now classes for students ages 4 to 12. Parents enroll their children because they say the curriculum allows them to grow into independent thinkers and learn at their own pace.

Many students who enrolled in the program’s first year got used to the Montessori way, but the pandemic upended their second year. Students saw their specialized education transform from in person to remote and back again.

In March, when school facilities began to close, teachers were unsure how the Montessori material would shift, Hryekewicz said. It was hard to imagine the lessons could be replicated easily.

Educators everywhere faced a stressful and unprecedented situation. But Montessori teachers had added pressure to uphold their unique learning model through the pandemic, said Mary Caroline Parker, the executive director of the Montessori Institute of North Texas, or MINT.

Parker’s organization, which trains educators on how to carry out the model, brainstormed with teachers on how to best weather the changes for their kids.

“We know that children learn through experiences and interacting with the environment, not listening to a teacher talk, so that makes it really difficult to present online,” Parker said.

At home, the students didn’t have the same access to classroom materials, nor did they get as much personal attention from teachers. And for students who did return to in-person instruction, that was transformed by the pandemic, too.

It became clear to educators that the at-home environment could inform key Montessori lessons. One of the emphasis areas of the curriculum is practical learning, said Lake Ridge teacher Kanetria Doolin.

During a regular school year, for example, students help prepare meals and clean the

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Small-business owners add curbside pickup, FaceTime virtual shopping, online sales to compete this holiday season

Watty Brooks Hall, owner of the Brooks Collection, plans to keep her iPhone charged and ready for more FaceTime calls this holiday season.

Her gift shop in Collierville, Tennessee, introduced virtual shopping for consumers who don’t feel comfortable coming inside but want to see the pottery, gifts and home goods up close. Hall plans to post more photos on Instagram and Facebook where engagement has been up since the pandemic.

Texas-based Stag Provisions is engaging more with shoppers on social media. It will stock more comfortable clothes such as T-shirts and sweatpants this holiday season as people spend a lot of time at home.

And Gibson’s Bookstore, New Hampshire’s oldest independent book shop, established in 1898, hopes to drive online sales with its new curbside pickup option.

Small retailers have had to get creative to keep the lights on after dealing with temporary closures and restrictions amid coronavirus. They’re preparing for a holiday shopping season unlike any they have ever experienced.

National retailers are amping up the pressure with earlier promotions to spread through the season, but small stores may benefit because of their size and ability to personalize the shopping experience.

“We deliver. We ship. We do curbside,” Hall said, adding her shop near Memphis doesn’t sell merchandise on its website. “It’s just trying to keep a small business alive is what it boils down to.”

Given concerns about social distancing, supply chain disruptions and other obstacles, getting ready for the crucial season poses new challenges — and perhaps opportunities — for business owners.

Michael Herrmann, who purchased Gibson’s 25 years ago, plans for lower in-store sales this season but higher online sales. In addition to curbside pickup, the store will hold events online.

Starting the holiday season early

Retailers — big and small — are kicking off holiday promotions earlier than ever, enticing shoppers to beat the rush and pushing more sales online. Federal health officials encourage more online shopping and discourage traditional holiday shopping known for crowds and long lines.

The conditions retailers have to deal with this season could lead more people to shop small, giving some of the businesses hit hardest in the pandemic a competitive edge. Many shoppers say they want to shop locally this holiday season. According to a Google survey, 66% of shoppers say they plan to shop more at small businesses.

It’s a sentiment Hall has heard multiple times at her 21-year-old store in a historic town square. Customers told her they wanted to show they care.

“It almost made me cry the first time I heard it,” Hall said, noting sales are almost stronger than last year’s.

Though some stores concentrate on people shopping early, Stag Provisions co-owner Don Weir said it’s possible some shoppers will come out closer to Christmas.

“I feel like it may be a late run on holiday if the COVID … restrictions continue to lift,” he said.

Ways small businesses prepare

Early in the pandemic, many small businesses made a bigger push to digital sales,

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Indigenous Fashion Week Toronto Goes Virtual

Lesley Hampton standing in a kitchen: Fashion designer Lesley Hampton poses for a photograph in a shared fashion space at the Toronto Fashion Incubator in Toronto on Monday, Feb. 4, 2019. Photo: CP Images/Nathan Denette

© Provided by ET Canada
Fashion designer Lesley Hampton poses for a photograph in a shared fashion space at the Toronto Fashion Incubator in Toronto on Monday, Feb. 4, 2019. Photo: CP Images/Nathan Denette

As fashion week events around the world have gone virtual, Indigenous Fashion Week Toronto (IFWTO) has followed suit.

The four-day celebration of Indigenous fashion will be held online from November 26-29. 

This year’s event will include fashion films, Indigenous-made collections in a virtual marketplace, a digital art exhibition and a variety of panel discussions.

“At a time when physical gatherings are difficult and the online market is saturated, carving out innovative digital spaces for Indigenous creators to gather and share our work is vital,” says IFWTO Artistic Director Sage Paul.

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The festival will go live at, and will highlight 19 different designers and over 50 limited editioned Indigenous-made collections. The online runway presentations are free, allowing audiences all over the world to engage with Indigenous clothing designers.

These designers include Anne Mullaire, Margaret Jacobs, and Lesley Hampton – who has dressed our very own Cheryl Hickey over the years!

RELATED: Environmental Protestor Walks The Runway During Dior’s Show At Paris Fashion Week

For programming and schedule information, head to

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Pocket Memory, the Corporation Specializing in Creating VR Content, Introduces the Virtual Fashion Lifestyle Mobile app “P.Cle”

SEOUL, South Korea, Nov. 24, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Pocket Memory, the Korean corporation specializing in the creation of VR content, released its new mobile app “P.Cle” on November , 2020 via app stores in North America. “P.Cle” is a mobile app designed to change the way people perceive fashion and clothing, as users can freely change or stylize their outfits. This helps minimize time and money spent on daily fashion and resolves issues of environmental pollution caused by fast fashion. With “contactless” consumption, brought about by the Corona pandemic, becoming a new worldwide trend, this new platform is expected to instill fresh energy into the sluggish fashion market while proposing a new lifestyle to consumers. Last month, Boston Consulting Group announced that sales of fashion distribution companies had decreased by 35 percent year-on-year and forecasted that the number of luxury stores would drop by a whopping 45 percent. Nonetheless, the fashion market showed growth online, where contactless activities continued. Prada saw a twofold increase in sales and Bottega Veneta recorded a fourfold increase on the Internet.

Pocket Memory, the Corporation Specializing in Creating VR Content

As the fashion and beauty lifestyle sectors are forecasted to bounce back aided by the latest cutting-edge, IT industries, such as IoT, AI, and VR, technologies incorporating style and beauty are also expected to increase. The new fashion lifestyle app “P.Cle“, proposed by Pocket Memory, is expected to distinguish itself from existing styling services. Built with highly advanced technologies, the mobile app can recognize the user’s poses in photographs and automatically change outfits via simple touches. The virtual lifestyle app “P.Cle” will add the merits of VR to the user’s reality, offering looks with fully personalized, fail-proof clothing regardless of the user’s body shape or color. Such services can help resolve over 1.9 million cases involving refunds or returns due to unwanted variations of material, color, or fit during online shopping. This virtual experience can also help reduce waste in the fashion industry, contributing to the improvement of the environment.  Through providing the realistic feel of fashion and expressing users’ individuality, this mobile app is expected to prove its worth over time. “Since clothing, one of man’s three essential elements, has been realistically applied to the virtual field, consumers can express themselves without spending so much time and money. The service offers a new meaning and an alternative in the current contactless era,” says the   president of Pocket Memory. The app is available for download from Google Play Store and other app stores.


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SOURCE Pocket Memory

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