Virtual Gifts and Other Tricks in Social Media

Virtual gifts are not free, they cost a dollar each to send. However, you can add a little message to them and this will end up on the recipient's friends news feeds. So, in a way you are paying to advertise your product. Virtual gifts should resonate with the recipients' identity to promote a sense of personal affirmation and to get them to appreciate the gift.

The Wall

The wall is an area of ​​each person's profile where messages can be posted by other people who are visiting the profile. You can put any message you want on the wall and it will be public. You can use this to research the market trends of people's interests and you can also post some message about things that might interest specific people in your circle of friends. Be aware that if you spam the wall consistently with sales ads, you will probably be blocked, and if the staff of social media sites is alerted you could end up being taken from social media sites.

An interesting way to use the power of the wall, is to look for people in your circle who have a high number of page views on their profile. These would be people who have a lot of friends or send a lot of activity to the news feeds. That's the only way to tell what type of page views they might be getting. Then, target these people for your comments on their wall in a way that pulls the people viewing back to your profile.

Social Ads

Finally, Social Ads are a paid avenue for advertising on social media sites. The nice thing about Social Ads is that you can target a specific demographic within many social media sites, unlike Google AdWords. You can target it by different categories: age, gender, interests, locations, and more. You can set up a campaign in either the CPC or the CPM model and choose your budget. In the CPC you are purchasing advertising based on clicks and the CPM model is for impressions.

Social ads appear in news feeds and to the left of the many social media sites profiles and can be paired with a friend's action. So, not only will you see that your friend took some action on your website, but you will also have an ad served in the news feed as well.

Social Ads come with its own metric measuring feature called Insights. It gives you an idea of ​​how well your ads are working and what you might change for another campaign. It will tell you who has engaged your ads and who has not providing some market research directly from the ad you choose to place. …

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Choosing Formal Clothing for Any Occasion

Shopping for formal clothing can be a challenge. Picking the right outfit for an occasion is usually a person's first consideration and this step alone can prove to be difficult. After you have decided what type of outfit you want to wear, finding the right formal clothing at a local store can be a challenge, and if you shop online you will probably find too much to choose from. If you need formal clothing for a special upcoming event, you can probably find exactly what you want online, but you should ask yourself a few questions first to determine exactly what you need.

The first consideration you should take into account is what type of event you are going to. Evening events usually require different formal clothing than daytime events, and some events such as a "black tie" affair require the most formal type of clothing while others such as a cocktail party have more relaxed standards. For the most formal type of events, tuxedos are appropriate for men and gowns and longer elegant dresses are appropriate for women. Formal clothing for a cock tail party or more relaxed formal event can include a suit for men and a shorter dress or cocktail dress for women.

After you have determined what type of attire is expected at your formal event, you should then take into account your body shape and type. Retail stores will probably not have a great selection of formal clothing for plus sizes, unless you have a specialty store nearby. You will be able to find a variety of formal clothing for every shape and size online, but be sure to consult sizing charts and manufacturers suggestions for sizing before placing your order. You should also be sure to order your formal clothing with plenty of time before your event so you can exchange your outfit if you find that it does not fit as expected.

Just because you are required to dress typically does not mean that you have to give up comfort. Nothing can ruin a wonderful night like being stuck in tight itchy formal clothing. It is easy to see if a specific outfit will be comfortable if you shop locally and can try it on, but if you are shopping online you will have a harder time deciding if the formal clothing you are going to purchase will be comfortable. One way to get an idea is to look at what the clothing is made out of. Natural fibers such as cotton are usually more comfortable than synthetic ones, and formal clothing that includes materials that will stretch slightly, such as spandex, will give you more comfort than rigid materials that may be too tight.

One last consideration when shopping for formal clothing is the accessories, and for ladies, hairstyle that you are planning to wear. Men should try to match their accessories such as watches, cufflinks, and ties to the clothing they purchase, or vise versa, and women should consider their purse, …

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Save Someone’s Life With the Heimlich Maneuver

Life is full of surprises, and you may be on the scene one day when somebody starts to choke. Know how to do the Heimlich maneuver in case of emergency so you can go ahead and help somebody who is choking.


1. Comfort the victim. A person will start to panic when they are choking. Go to the victim and reassure them that you know the Heimlich manure and begin assistance. Let the sufferer know that he must remain calm, and should follow your instructions. Then get working!!


2. Have the choking victim stand. For the Heimlich maneuver to work successfully, the choking victim must be up on their feet. If the victim is unstable or panicking you can help support them.


3. Get behind the person who is choking. For the next phase of the Heimlich maneuver you need to put yourself in the right position. Get behind the person who is choking.


4. Carefully hug the choking victim. Place your hands around the victim’s chest when you are standing behind the victim. The victim’s arms should be up and away from yours. You have to get a good hold on the person’s trunk.


5. Close your hand in a fist. As you are hugging from behind, put your hand exactly in the middle of the person’s chest in the form of a fist. Do not tuck your thumb into your hand; it needs to be on the outside, pointed up. Place your fist above the area of the navel (belly button). There is no time to be modest and it may be required that any heavy clothing worn by the victim be removed to find the proper first placement. Whatever needs to be done in order to keep the victim from choking to death must be done.


6. Take a hold of your fist. Create the perfect circle when you grab your fist with your free hand. Do not release your grip on your fist.


7. Begin to thrust. Hold your arms closely; with the one hand still closed tight, push inward and up in one motion. You need to thrust hard on the victim’s abdomen. To dislodge the object blocking the victim’s airways, do the strong fisted thrust five times squeezing stronger each time. A firm thrust will also bring air from the person’s airways, making them cough. To do it right, you have to go deep, although it may hurt the victim. Don’t let this worry you! He will always be thankful for your forceful methods when he can breathe once again. Keep doing this until the item they were choking on is expelled.


Through out the Heimlich maneuver, it is vital to keep a good hold of the victim in case becomes unconscious. If the maneuver is successful, sit the victim down again and don’t leave him until his breathing gets back to normal.…

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Giving Handmade Christmas Gift

With Christmas season fast approaching, most people are already thinking of an appropriate gift that can be given to their loved ones. One of the sweetest and most meaningful gifts that one can receive this Holiday season is one that is personally made by the gift giver.

Making your own gift can be time consuming but if you have the time to spare, why not do it especially if making your own gift can win you brownie points. Below are some Christmas gifts that you can do handmade. Check them out. You may find something that you are willing to do.

1. Crocheted items
One of the popular items that you can actually do as a Christmas gift is a crochet item. Depending on your skill and the amount of time that you are willing to sacrifice for the task, you can make lots of things. You can do placemats and pot holders for the kitchen for mom or a mobile phone holder for your kid sister.

You can crochet a scarf or a bonnet for your dad or a sweater for your brother. You can even crochet the family a large blanket that they can use in the living room when they gather together by the fireplace.

2. Boxes
Although you can actually make your own boxes, this will be really time-consuming and it really needs a great degree of skill to be able to construct a box that is sturdy enough to hold most of your things.

To make the job easier for you, you can actually purchase boxes in crafts stores. What you can do about it is to design it yourself. Use handmade papers, ribbons and glossy materials, which you can wrap on the box. Placing wreaths and flowers will make a great finish for the box.

3. Christmas Balls
Another great gift idea that you can do yourself is a Christmas ball. There are Styrofoam balls that you can buy in craft stores in the city. Use these Styrofoam balls as base and then put some designs on it. You can use glitters to surround the balls or use ribbons to wrap them up. Some people even put photographs on the Christmas balls to make it even more personalized.

4. Jewelry
It may seem hard to make beaded jewelry upon first glance but the truth is, it is reliably easy. In fact, the steps in making beaded jewelry can be easily followed if you have all the materials and the tools.

Just buy a craft magazine or better yet a magazine that is solely devoted to beaded jewelry. These magazines have projects that you can follow. …

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Unique Ideas For Pink Wedding Favors

If you are planning a pink themed wedding and are looking for pink wedding favors, you are in luck. Pink has been a popular color over the past two years and wedding manufacturer's have responded to this trend by producing some great pink wedding favors for brides to choose from.

Pink is a great color, it is the softer, sweeter side of red. Brides who choose pink as their wedding colors are said to be romantics. Pink can be a delicate color or a bold color, depending on how deep or intense a pink you select for your wedding. Pink can be warmed up with accents of gold, or cooled down with accents of silver. So it is a year round bridal color, softer pinks are great for the spring, vibrant pinks are beautiful in the summer months, and muted shades are great for fall and winter weddings. In fact, Pink can be used for many wedding themes too: Asian fusion (think cherry blossoms), pink beaches, garden events, Valentine weddings and heart themes all work well with a pink color scheme.

For pink wedding favors we have some great suggestions for you:

For Asian inspired pink wedding favors we would suggest cherry blossom candle holders. Each frosted glass candle holder is surrounded by delicate frosted pink handmade glass accents in the shape of cherry blossoms. The candle holder also includes a pink votive candle and comes prettily packaged in a deluxe gift box with bow and tag.

If you're having a beach wedding, you too can use pink! We've located these unique pink shell candle holders which would look great at any beach event. These have delicate pink and white seashells hand tied around a glass tea light holder and are packaged in a clear box with matching pink ribbon.

For heart theme or valentines inspired events, how about reusable heart shaped pink hand warmers? Each pink heart reads "Our Heartfelt Thanks" and comes packaged in an optional personalized box. Guests simply snap the metal piece inside the heart and the heart instantly warms up. This is a very unique wedding favor which is also perfect for late fall and winter weddings.

For two more unique pink wedding favor ideas, we also recommend the "We Clicked" mouse pads – great for couples, who met on the computer, are computer savvy or work in the technology field. Another unique pink wedding favor is mini slot machines which are filled with pink double bubble gum balls. With each spin guests are greeted with wedding designs on the wheels and are rewarded with a gum ball. These are sure to be played with by both adults and children both at the reception and when they bring them home. …

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CC5 Overview – E-Commerce Shopping Cart Software Review

Could severely contain the excitement with the long-awaited release and upload of the new CubeCart 5. The popular shopping cart software from Develion has long been a personal favorite for e-Commerce web design, as one of the most flexible, easy to use and stable of all the carts currently available

Upon installation the first change to notice is the new skins which come pre-installed and there are 5 in total. As with previous versions of Cube Cart these skins are not polished web designs, but offer a selection of layouts and color variations which can provide a basic foundation to build upon. Essentially the core templates cover a range of layouts which your web designers can develop to present how you would like your shop to look and upon test drive, we found the new management of files, cascading style sheets and coding highly refined and easier to manipulate than CC4, while a professional working knowledge of the system is still required

The new control panel is a terrific addition to the backend administration area of ​​CC5. Although functional in management terms, the previous versions had servilely lacked the cosmetic possibilities of modern design and presented shop data in way which required a custom re design and code development to achieve a layout, functionality which is better suited to some online stores. Virtually every aspect of store management can now be controlled in real-time via the dashboard and this shows at a glance statistics and notifications for orders, reviews and stock level monitoring

As with previous versions there is no limit to the amount of products and categories the administrator can upload and the management of items is far more simplified with new additions, such as manufactures field and condition (new / used etc). From popular 3rd party installations to suit earlier versions, there is now a better multi category assignment, improved options and image management tools which was very much demanded. Pleased to see the layout of the admin sections is separated into into folders, delivering a simplified review / edit. It is much improved!

New CC5 can connect to Sage integration, this enabled data to be exported and imported although we have not test driven this module as yet. The cart programming code is mostly PHP and declared to offer a better flexibility to extend the product in a variety of ways, thus improving the core CubeCart engine in which ever direction desired. Being open source the CubeCart web designer is free to develop the code, to customize programming to client specifications and even write your own plugins and modules

The programmers have improved upon CC's search engine optimization management by allowing custom search engine friendly URL's to be input and customized to match the keywords and phrases which you may be targeting. In previous versions we had to custom build and install this feature, therefore we are certainly pleased to see this now integrated. Administrators can state the meta title, description and keywords which is essential for …

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What Attracts Women to Older Men?

Have you ever wondered what associates women to older men? And no, we're not talking about the kind of attraction between dirty old millionaires and young beautiful gold diggers. We are not talking about confused young women either who are searching for father figures in their boyfriends. Rather, we're talking about genuine and long-lasting attraction that has the potential to deepen into love.

What attracts women to older men?


Many studies show that females mature before males do, and it's possible that maturity is what attracts women to older men. Given the choice, who would want date an immature guy over a mature guy? An immature guy, for instance, would not understand that there are times when you have to prioritize work over relationship. A mature guy, placed in the same situation, will not just show his understanding. He'll also be supportive and maybe even volunteer to take over kitchen or laundry duties to lessen your burdens.


There's a slight but essential difference between confidence and maturity, but both usually comes hand in hand. Confidence may be what attracts women to older men as well because it's an irresistible quality.

A guy lacking in confidence would stammer his words out and would not be able to meet a woman's eyes straight. A confident guy, on the other hand, will not just be able to speak clearly and look at you straight the eye. He also will not hesitate to ask for your name or maybe even even ask you out right away if the attraction between you is that strong.

Secondly, a confident man will not ever be threatened by the achievements of his partner. He will rejoice with her and not hate her for "upstaging" him. Younger men can rarely display this kind of confidence because they're too hungry to prove something themselves. At this point in their lives, few will be able to swallow the fact that their partners had achieved something greater than they had ever accomplished in their lives.


What attracts women to older men? Decisiveness, for one thing.

Decisiveness can be seen in a number of ways. A decent man knows what he wants right away. A decent man knows himself well. He understands his role in the world and it before comes easily to him to identify what he wants in his life.

Once he sees something he wants, a decent man also will not hesitate to go for it. He knows what things are and are not worth fighting for and if he considers you important in his life then he'll let you know that. No woman will find that undesirable. A decent man makes his woman feel safe and protected. He helps them feel secure about the future because he's the type of man you can trust your future to … if there's ever a need to.


Last but not the least, the ability to be happy and contented on their own is what attracts women …

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Santa is Always the News

We all know Santa's story by now. He was originally a bishop back in the day, and after he died he became known as Saint Nicholas, or Saint Nick for short. And even way back then, before Christmas became a major holiday, the anniversary of his death was a day to celebrate by giving out gifts. But most of us do not know that Saint Nick actually had a bad rap for a while, and that is actually how he got all of the other names we know him by today.

During the time of great change in the Christian Church known as the Protestant Reformation, which occurred in the 1500s, the famous Martin Luther declared that all good Christians should stop celebrating saints. For the devout followers of Luther, that meant also stopping the celebration of Saint Nick, no matter how fun the gift giving had become.

But of course, not all Christians stopped celebrating Saint Nick, not even all of the Protestants. Instead of stopping the celebration, they crafted a plan to enjoy the Saint Nick holiday in secret. This is when Saint Nick became known in England as "Father Christmas". In Germany, people referred to Santa as "Christmas Man", and the Dutch created the name "Sinterklass."

About this time, a large majority of Dutch settlers moved to New Amsterdam in America – what would later become New York – and brought their celebration of Sinterklass with him. Americans caught on to the idea, and tried to pronounce his name right. But instead, what came out was "Santa Claus."

However, Santa Claus [] didnt hit the big time until the author of "Sleepy Hollow," Washington Irving, got wind of Santa Claus and promoted him the American press. This happened in the early 1800s, when Washington Irving wrote a story called the "A History of New York," in which he went into great detail about a man called "Sinterklass." This Saint Nick was fat and short, wore a funny costume, and would travel around on the Eve of Saint Nicolas on a horse.

The idea of ​​jolly gift-giving man talked on in the American press. Another writer, the poet Clement Clark Moore, wrote a poem called "A Visit from St. Nicolas," which is better known as, "The Night Before Christmas." It was Moore who made Saint Nick a jolly old elf who flies around the night in a magical sleigh powered by eight flying reindeer. We all know the names of those reindeer, right? Well, Moore also included them in his poem.

Americans would get their best images of Santa Claus in the magazines of the late 1800s, when the cartoonist Thomas Nast put out his own visions of Saint Nick in Harper's Weekly. For Nast, Santa was a bigger man with a big fat belly, who wore a red suit lined with fur and a big leather belt. Nast also started drawing images of Santa's workshop in the North Pole, and Santa using a list to keep track …

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