The Best Valentines Gift For Loved Ones – You

OK – tough adaptation and I won’t give up my career or devotion to health and fitness… however I do always say there is absolutely no better way to show love for another than by contributing to their health… now there is true love.

My issue with the notion that 1/365 days we celebrate “valentine’s day” is I feel it is almost a mockery of true love. I am all for Mother’s day, Father’s day… thats appreciation for the people who gave us life. And showing appreciation for others is respect and in some ways humbling and gives us perspective, which is integrity building.

A lesser known attribute of February – that warm fuzzy month (NOT) for many of us, is that it is heart health month.

The heart – the ultimate sign of life. As all of us Moms had our first ultrasound we lay there so excited to hear & see that heartbeat coming from within. That moment is the sensation of true, relentless, I will sacrifice anything for this person, love.

The heart that literally pumps life throughout the body, the definition of the start, and end of life.

So… I am NOT the Grinch trying to steal Valentine’s day. The hope of love is it should be coddled by loyalty, devotion, we aspire for it to be endless. We are gasping for air in a disposable world, stresses bombarding relationships every which way. Let’s show our sweethearts how much we love them, and how excuse the corny line from Jerry McGuire “You Complete Me”.

Let’s Make this Valentine’s day about true love, let’s redefine and extend eternity. Here is my suggestion for a truly romantic Valentine’s day:

Instead of the over sugared, waxed box of chocolates (with very little true chocolate) that will be pumping insulin and triglycerides for weeks, head to the dollar store and pick up that tacky heart shaped box. Fill it with squares of some yummy dark chocolate (the higher the cocoa content the better), some cherries, grapes,… honey, figs,bananas… and btw… all of these foods are on the top 10 list of food aphrodisiacs… and yes… show some thought went into your gift, thought of time and thought of health, thought I want to be healthy erotic & sexy with you for manyyyyyyy years.

Chocolate dip (please dark chocolate the real stuff) strawberries, roll in unsugared coconut, refrigerate… feed to your lover… yep I don’t have to tell you any more.

Don’t just buy cut flowers, buy a rose bush, one that will keep blooming for years to come, and when you look at it together you renew your vows of looking after each other. Thorns are good – they remind us life is full of thorny patches, and yes together we will overcome.

OK, I’m a chick flick person too, you should see what is stored on my PVR… but how bout time together to talk. Make a list together (how bout on some sexy paper, not the computer, like in your own handwriting… ) what we can each do to make each other’s lives healthier, less stressed, more fulfilling. Frame it. Please, no emails, text messages… come on work with me here.

Love is helping loved ones live a quality of life unencumbered by sickness. Be fit to have the energy and joe de vivre you and your family may celebrate for years. You know the expression, live long enough to be a problem to your kids…

Happy Valentine’s day… a very Meaningful, introspective Heart Health Month, and I always have to put this in there… a life of living cancer free.