The Big Secret To Attracting Any Woman You Want

In a second, I'm going to talk about what turns women off the most and what you can do to avoid this "deadly mistake" from happening to you. But first, let me ask you this. . . Have you ever thought that if you became the perfect gentleman, the most polite, sensitive and caring guy, the all around nice guy that makes their mommies proud – that you would have no problem attracting women? Most guys think this is the only way to go. For a long time, I believed this was the only way to go too. However -Have you ever bought a woman gifts, flowers and presents and pretty much made her feel as if she's the most important woman in the planet. . . but she just responded by blowing you off? I mean, you bought her flowers and chocolates. . . even teddy bears and fancy things. . . but after all that she just returned you in the end anyway. You might find this as shocking as a kick in the nuts, but here's the reality: Gifts and fancy thing DO NOT REALLY ATTRACT WOMEN. That's right, you heard me. So what the heck are you on about Alex? It's as confusing as Marilyn Manson's gender, I know. . .

So, why would gifts, compliments or too much affection turn her off? To figure this out, you have to look at this from a woman's point of view. . . Of course, first you have to recognize the very obvious fact that an attractive woman gets approached by HUNDREDS of guys all the time. She's seen the same LAMEass romantic gestures several times, she's been complimented on and been given hundreds of flowers and chocolates already, in fact, she's so SICK of the hundreds of nice guys approaching her and showering her with affection already. You know what turns women off the most? It's. . . Being a sissy. Women hate SISSY guys. Do not even bother playing the dating game if you're game plan is to overwhelm the woman with your "sissyness." You're just digging an early grave for yourself buddy. Yes, it may be possible for some women to find sissy guys attractive, but it's very RARE when that happens though.

So what qualifies as "sissy" you ask? Well, "sissy" is when you do things like: Call 3 times a day, leave 3 messages a day and frequently leave sweet emails and text massages. . . Act all needy, clingy and insecure. . . Act so anxious to please her that you end up basically worshiping the very ground she walks on and kissing her ass on a constant basis. . . Pretty much let her to make the decisions all the time. . . Stay quiet and just do not talk about what's bothering you, you do not want to say what's on your mind because you're afraid of blowing your chances with her. . . Act all insure and say things like "no one can ever love you the way I can." Which in itself is a fault insult because it's akin to say to her: "Be thankful that I took interest in you because you're so difficult that only I can ever like you and put up with you …" Get all lovey dovey and share your feelings too early on. You say things like "Is everything okay? Are you sure? Are you really really sure?" or "You're my entire life, my whole world revolves around you …." Sissy guys to women is like Kryptonite to Superman.

The moment you turn all sissy, you'll see her running away from you faster than you can say "What the heck happened?" However. . . If you know how to turn on her attraction switches, be playful, witty and unpredictable. It does not matter HOW HOW ULY YOU LOOK. You're "in". Huh ?? In other words, you could even be ugly that your doctor slapped your mom when you were born, but then if you're confident, unpredictable, cheeky and witty then she'll be attracted to you anyway. Here's an interesting concept. . . "The more you try to drive women away, the more they want to run back to you." I know, I know. . . weird huh? Weird, but true. Therefore. . . Stop acting like a sissy. Stop calling, emailing or texting her all the time. Get a social life, do not be too damn available. Stop talking about 'feelings' too early in the game. It's not pretty trust me. Stop complimenting her all the time. Stop worshiping her and KISSING HER ASS. Stop kissing the very ground she walks on. And stop being insecure. Bust her chops every now and then. BE UNPREDICTABLE. Challenge her. TEASE HER. Let her know that you're not just some doormat she can step on. And then I bet you that you'll soon see a difference in your love life.