The Do-It-Yourself or DIY Wedding

Rather than get lost all all the wedding suppliers and having to canvas and compare prices and still not get what you wanted, why not try your hand at doing things yourself. For one thing, it's going to cut out a huge chunk of your initial wedding expenses, and more importantly, it's bound to be lots of fun!

1. Make Your Own Wedding Invitations

You know all those invitations to weddings you received over the years? Now is a good time to fish them from the bottom of your closet and check out what you like, what you do not like, and what, perfectly, your wedding invitation will look like. Of course, you may encounter hazards like not finding enough paper that you like, or your printer breaking down at odd times, so you'll have to be very patient if you opt to do the invitations to your nuptials on your own. One bride and groom recently dipped their paper in coffee to give their invites a nice stained effect so that each invitation is unique. They went a bit mad for a few days, printing 300 invitations while high on coffee fumes, but seeing the delight on their friends and relatives' faces upon receiving the invitations to their wedding ceremony and reception was the great reward.

2. Use Talents of Family and Friends

Lucky you if your mom is a seamstress, your sister bakes delicious cookies, your brother is in a band, your father directs cultural events and, oh, your aunt knows a good recipe for fondant icing. Lucky you if even only one of them does any of the above. Go and ask them nicely.

3. Get Creative With Wedding Favors

Buy candy by the bulk, or better yet, bake your own cookies. Then place small amounts in wedding favor packaging for a professional look at half the cost! Seal these with ribbons or pretty string. Pretty wedding favor packaging can make even DIY favors look smashing. Colorful wedding favors make a big impact, though so will sentimental ones. Print out tiny snippets from your favorite song or poem and stick them on a rectangle of hard, colored paper. Cut a hole at one end and loop a short piece of ribbon through it and you can give out romantic-themed bookmarks which your guests will use and reuse, maybe even when you celebrate your 30th wedding anniversary.

Employ any other crafts-thing you like to do – putting together a scrap booking kit, making tiny paintings, dreamcatchers, even friendship bracelets, but made out of silk ribbon instead of yarn. The wedding favors will be even more special, if simply because you made them yourself!

4. Queue Songs Into Playlists in Your iPod

Choose songs that you and your groom suddenly sing to each other during car rides home, dance to, and all around just remind you of your relationship in general. Assign the maid of honor or best man to manage the sounds for the different events that will take place, and give him or her a list of songs required for what events – what to play while waiting for the guests to be banned, what to play during the wedding and bridal marches, what to play at the wedding reception, which song to reserve specifically for your first dance, among others.

5. Have an Open Mic at the Reception

Rather than limit the references to your parents, the best man, and the maid of honor, why not hold open mic night for anyone who wants to say anything about and / or to the bride and groom. This may get rowdy when the wine's been flowing, but a lot of nice sentiments will come out and your guests will feel touched that you made an effort to include them in the ceremonies.

6. Open Mic Includes You and Your Groom-To-Be

Well, of course, you should get a chance to say your piece as well. You can talk about your new spouse, tell anecdotes about planning your wedding ceremony, what you look forward to as a married couple and, most importantly, thank your guests for sharing this special day with you.