The First Leaf of Life

Talking with a friend of mine while we were on our weekend shopping trips at a local herbarium and flower shop, we reminisced about the good times when plants and flowers were used to express good things such as love attraction. My female colleagues and I innocently responded to the flirting with blushed faces and cute smiles. I’m sorry to state a cliché but… Oh Lord, how I miss those good old times!

My friend’s mom used to sprinkle small leaves and pour plant baskets around the apartment to bless the life of her family. Today, I’ve also seen beautiful herbal blessing bottles for those of you who would decide to buy all ready made rather than do it by your own. Some of them have a tag explaining any of the following intentions: Devotion, everlasting love, appreciation, or joy and happiness. My friend keeps up with the tradition of recreating the free-spirited and green nature inside the four blocks of her walls. For her, as for many women, it expresses one’s spiritual visions and feelings, and it is also a wonderful reminder of one’s dreams.

More than looking and smelling at flowers and plants, try to connect your spiritual self with them. They have life, although very short, but very powerful. In case that you are ignorant of their existence, I am placing some plants and flowers names related with love, because as a popular saying goes, “love is all we need!”. So spreadit!

Aloe: Helps bring you a new lover.

Asphodel: Attracts new love.

Balm of Gilead: Good for new love when placed in red wine.

Beth Root: Brings money, love, and luck.

Betony Wood: Good for advances, purification, protection, love.

Blood Root: Love, protection, and purification.

Caraway: Passion.

Catnip: Cat magic, love, beauty, and happiness.

Cayenne: Fidelity, hex breaking, and love.

Chickweed: Fidelity, and love.

Cinnamon: Passion in men, and general love.

Cinquefoil: General love.

Copal: Love, and purification.

Coriander: Helps through relationships that have ended.

Damiana: Lust, love and visions.

Dill: Men use to attract women.

Gardenia: Attract a new love.

Geranium: Protects against disharmony in a relationship.

Hibiscus Flower: Lust, love, and divination.

Ivy: Protects a bride and groom.

Jalap Root: Money, love, success, and happiness.

Jasmine: Used to attract and keep a spiritual love.

Juniper Berries: Attracts love.

Lady’s Mantle: Love.

Lavender: Wear for love.

Lemon Verbena: Used to attract the opposite sex.

Lobelia: Love.

Lovage: Enhances attraction.

Mandrake: Protection, fertility, money, love, and health.

Marigold: Attracts new love or boosts the present one.

Marjoram: Protection, happiness, money, love, and health.

Meadowsweet: Used as the symbol of love in rituals and potions.

Mistletoe: Attracts new love or helps keep the present one.

Myrtle: Burn for love wishes.

Oak: Used by men to increase their attractiveness.

Orange Peel: Love, divination, luck, and money.

Orris Root: Attracts new love. Used as a bath for attracting the opposite sex.

Patchouli: Passion in a love.

Primrose: Protection, and love.

Queen of Meadow: Love, divination, peace, and happiness.

Rose: Best for love wishes, burned.

Rosemary: Contentment in a relationship.

Spearmint: Good for love wishes, and psychic powers.

Skullcap: Love, healing, and happiness.

Tonka Beans: Draws love.

Valerian: Love wishes.

Violet: Good for newly married couples; good luck. Love wishes.