The Reasons Why Your Woman is Not Sexually Satisfied and How to Satisfy Her!

There is this mindset among us guys now that satisfying a woman sexually is a very difficult thing to do. The only reason why it may look difficult to sexually satisfy a woman is because women take longer time than men to achieve orgasms. And with the way so many guys hurry to ejaculate inside their woman, it is only normal for women not achieve sexual climax.

If you are not sexually satisfying your woman it can become a big problem in your relationship. It is better you learn how to satisfy your woman in bed before she leaves you for a guy who can satisfy her in bed. Read on to discover what you might be doing wrong and how to give her explosive orgasms during sexual intervention.

Reasons Why Your Woman Does Not Achieve Orgasms

Reason # 1 – You Are Not Giving Her Enough Mental And Emotional Foreplay! This is more important than you think! For so many women, emotional and mental stimulation is more important than penetration. If your woman is not mentally and emotionally aroused before penetration, then she would have difficulties reaching orgasm. As you have probably heard before, the brain is the largest erogenous zone. This is very true in women most especially.

Reason # 2 – You Are Using Poor Technique! How do you expect to satisfy a woman when all you do is just thrust in and out in the same old missionary sex position? It is very obvious that for you to please your woman better, you have to use better technique.

There are different sex positions and techniques that you can use to give your woman more pleasure during sex. Take your time to look for manuals and guides that would give techniques, tips and sex positions that you can use to become a stud in the bedroom.

Reason # 3 – You Do not Know How To Get Her In The Mood For Sex! Unlike us guys that get sexually excited in a flash, women are way different. You should not just jump right into the sheets without ensuring that you put your woman in the mood to have sex with you. If you do not do this, your woman would not reach sexual climax and you will only end up being unhappy.

You must get your woman to a certain degree of sexual arousal before your penetrate her. When you give your woman adequate foreplay before you start thrusting, she would experience an explosive orgasm. So always ensure that you put your woman in the right mood before thrusting.

Now that you have discovered these reasons why your woman does not achieve sexual climax, you can now do the right things that would make sure that your woman achieves sexual climax during sex.

Before you go, did you know the major reason why women do not achieve orgasm during sexual intervention? This is no other than the problem of a small penis size! And yes penis size matters a lot to women especially during penetration. 8 out of every 10 women prefer big penises to small or average ones. This is only normal, since big penises give more pleasure than small ones.

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