Things You Should Do On Your Wedding Day

Each wedding is unique. Each bride and groom puts their own special mark on their nuptials to make it truly their own event. This can be seen in your clothes, your reception's menu and even in your shoes.

Weddings are different yet the same in some things. The most important one being that no matter where or when or how they get married, the bride and groom's wedding is a celebration of the union of two people. It is a joyous occasion and it is a party. As such here are some very important things to keep in mind for the party:

1. Greet your guests. Whether you welcome them at the door or go around and say hi, do not let any of your guests go without personal greeting from you. They have come a long way to be with you on your special day. Make them feel welcome.

2. Make sure that everyone knows someone at your party. Seat old friends together. Make sure that your young cousins ​​are not feeling out of place in the room full of grownups. Most importantly, if you do have a couple of friends over who do not know anyone else present, take the time to seat them at a table with people who are friendly and welcoming.

3. Choose a menu that is filling and enjoyable for everyone. If you're on a diet that does not mean that everyone else is. Remember a party is meant to have good food.

4. Make sure that the restrooms are clean and working properly. There's nothing worse than needing to use the toilet and it's dirty and stopped up.

If you follow these rules your wedding guests will thank you for it!