Top 10 Colors For Your Wedding This Year

Wondering what color to go for as part of your wedding theme? Take a look at our quick run-down of colors this year's brides are choosing.

1. Ivory
The most popular color so far this year is that firm favorite ivory. There was a time when only the bride would appear in this most beautiful of wedding colors but now the theme has extended to favors, flowers and bridesmaids.

2. Pink
Has featured as a prominent color for bridesmaids for years – its just the shade that keeps changing. Watch out for very soft pinks this year.

3. Black
Black has been bubbling under for a while. This is now a very popular color with many brides choosing to dress their bridesmaids in sophisticated black evening dress. Cool, gorgeous and very wearable.

4. Orange
The surprise sensation this year, brides are looking for more vibrant colors to match their sunny wedding themes.

5. Blue
Ice blues are continuing to be a very popular choice for brides. Understated and fabulous for those brides who like to keep the more girly hues to a minimum.

6. Gold
Still a classic. Gold is so versatile and great for brides who are happy to keep colors neutral. Opulent and vibrant, it's a great color for such a great occasion.

7. Lilac
An old favorite that keeps on going. This gorgeous shade is restful and calming which should help the bride if she has any last minute nerves.

8. Green
So fresh and invigorating, green is another color which is great for brides seeking a neutral color palette. A green and ivory combination is fabulous for flowers and favors alike.

9. Silver
So appealing to many brides, it adds sparkle and glamor to any wedding party.

10. Red
Red is such a positive and romantic color that it is not surprising that it continues to remain in the top 10. It can be used sparingly for splashes of passion or used in abundance for the most sumptuous of themes. Can be used in its most pure crimson form or as more minority burgundy tone.