Top 5 Wedding Themes

Are you looking to add a little flair to your wedding? If so, then why
not choose a special theme to base your wedding around? Wedding themes
are full of creative possibilities. You could choose anything from a
tropical beach wedding theme to a Cinderella theme complete with glass
slippers and horse drawn carriages.

A little bit of creativity and you can make your wedding one that your
guests will never forget.

Here are some of the most popular wedding themes you might consider

1. Tropical Beach Theme

This is perfect for a summer wedding. It does not matter whether you're
having your event on the island of Hawaii or in the middle of Kansas.
You can go to the ocean or simply bring the ocean to you. You can
decorate with sand castles, shells, beach pails, sailboats, and anything
that relates to the beach.

One of the best parts of any beach theme wedding is the food. You can
serve shrimp pasta, crab cakes, oyster, and clams. And of course, a beach
wedding simply would not be complete without serving tropical "umbrella"
drinks. You can also serve some refreshing iced tea, homemade lemonade,
and margaritas.

2. 1920s Wedding Theme

Take your guests back to the Jazz Age with a 1920s wedding theme. This
wedding theme is sure to be filled with fun.

You can begin by sending out some 1920's style wedding invitations. A black
and white photograph of you and the groom would give your guests a
glimpse of what's to come.

When it comes to decorating, you can use hang large Art Deco style
posters on the walls, hang glass bead curtains against the walls, display
black and white photographs of all your favorite 1920's film stars, and
hand out long fake pearl necklaces to all of your guests.

When choosing your reception hall, make sure there's a cocktail bar. In
fact, you might want to turn it into your own "speakeasy".

3. Country Western Wedding Theme

Are you a cowboy or cowgirl at heart? If so, then you may want to
consider having a country western wedding theme.

For decorations, you can use wagons, horseshoes, cowboy hats, and even
bars of hay. With a little creativity, you can really save quite a
bit of money.

When it comes to food, nothing beats an old-fashioned cookout. You can
serve barbecue, baked beans, cole slaw, potato salad, and sweet tea.

4. Breakfast at Tiffany's Wedding Theme

If you're a huge fan of Audrey Hepburn, then this is the wedding theme
for you. You can send out black and white wedding invitations. Have all
of your bridesmaids wear little black dresses. Use Tiffany boxes for
wedding favors and you could even have a Tiffany box cake.

When it comes to decorations, you can use Chinese lanterns, fake
rhinestones to scatter on the table, pearls, long black gloves, Audrey
Hepburn style sun glasses, and anything with elegance.

Anything classic Audrey style will make for a romantic evening to

5. 1950s Wedding Theme

It does not get much better than the 50s. This was a time marked by
poodle skirts, pony tails, white t-shirts, cuffed jeans, drive-ins,
soda fountains, 45's, root bear floats, milk shakes, leather and slicked
back hair.

When it comes to decorations, the possibilities are endless. One item
you'll definitely want at your reception is a jukebox. You can also
set up your own Soda Shoppe display where your guests can get beverages.
Do not forget to include a long bar and stools to complete the picture.

Most importantly though, you will need a dance floor with plenty of
great 50s and 60s music to rock the night away.

A 50s wedding theme [] is sure to be a night of fun and memories that your
guests will not soon forget.