Top 5 Women’s Erogenous Zones

Many women feel a certain frustration as it pertains to the contact received during sexual relations. In effect, men sometimes lack originality and are often too direct and get “to the point” with too much haste as it pertains to contact to the breasts and sexual organs. Although these areas can offer marvelous sensations, there are many other erogenous zones, often neglected and ignored, that deserve more attention!

Here are the five (5) most popular.

1. The nape of the neck

As most people know the neck in general is a highly regarded stimulating area of the body but the nape of the neck should not be neglected. None the less a soft kiss starting at the nape of the neck and going down the spine could give tantalizing shivers, while sensual strokes and light massages in the area will provoke a relaxation favorable to intimacy and desire.

Surprise your partner while she cooks dinner – be careful of the time you choose to not disturb her when she’s really busy or she’s highly distracted as she won’t appreciate it as much – slowly approach her from behind, gently lift her hair and give her a nice soft and lingering kiss. Or, when in bed, take advantage of the spoon position where the nape of her neck is just in front of you. Give her some great sensations by paying special attention to this area before getting on to more serious things.

2. The feet

Like with the nape of the neck, a foot massage can provoke deep and wonderful relaxation. Cuddles and kisses, made with the necessary precautions so as it will not tickle, can subtly stimulate the desire of your lover. If you’re not comfortable with the idea of kissing your girlfriend’s feet, you can combine useful with pleasure by giving her a nice pedicure. You will be assured of their cleanliness and in the meantime, you will give her some well-deserved relaxation before you offer her other types of entertainment and pleasure.

3. The armpits

For the vast majority of people, the armpits are usually a place they try to avoid due to the odor issues. This is really sad because this is an area that can be really erogenous. Actually all areas where one is ticklish, with the right kind of touch, are actually very erogenous! Luckily, it’s not necessary to caress and kiss it directly to provoke pleasing sensations in your partner. Even if some women like it, most of them prefer being touched in the intermediate zone right between the breast and the armpit. This sensitive area, at the base of the breast, represents the limit between the sensual and the sexual. Just think of your first experience, when you had yet to touch the breast of your partner and you were wondering when you will be venture into that territory, when it will be time. You were trying to get closer without pushing too much and… Oups! Your hand just brushes against this so stimulating a place. You assess the reaction… Your partner is still there? She looks pleased? Okay, well maybe I might go further…

Naturally, you’ve most probably passed this stage with you actual partner and the forbidden is not really forbidden anymore. But this zone still exists nonetheless and in a way and you can recreate this incredibly exciting”suspense”, even after a long-term relation, by making your partner linger at the limits sensual and sexual pleasure. For example, when you next give a massage to your spouse, extend your back manoeuvre toward the armpits and the side of the breast. If you are patient, and make her wait, she will probably turn and beg for more before the end of the treatment.

4. The waist; hips, belly, lower back

Like I said above, all ticklish areas are erogenous in nature and the waist has all the potential to give amazing sensations. When I speak about waist, I mean more specifically the belly (right below the navel), at the little bones on the front of the hips (iliac) and the lower back right above the bum (sacrum). Those parts are, none the less, really sensitive to touch due to having a lot of sensitive nerve endings in addition, psychologically, they also represent the superior limit zones of the genitals. The underwear’s limit. Under there, we are really going for the big deal!

5. The inner tights

I think from all the erogenous zones, inner tights are, by far, the one that can trigger the most powerful sensations. As with the armpits and waist, it is really sensitive and it represents the most important limit zone, the opening of the tights being generally consider as a degree of openness, desire and arousal.

For many women, it is almost more pleasurable to be caressed on the edge of these psychological and physical limits than on the genitals themselves. It is by stimulating those areas that you will be able to make your partner go absolutely wild with desire without provoking an orgasm before you wish to.

So don’t forget that all ticklish areas can become great erogenous zones, as they are equipped with particularly sensitive nerves. So before you charge toward the Mount of Venus, take some time to build-up some steam by paying special care of those particular zones. You will already be half way up to the summit of Nirvana!