Top Baby Product Stores' Shopping Logos That Encourage Sensitivity and Maternal Care

Like every other business, the world of baby products is also fighting for attention. This makes it quite essential for companies to craft their emblems that encourage sensitivity and maternal care.

Below mentioned are some playful, colorful and light-hearted baby store shopping logos that have become a symbol of trust and confident child care.

This online baby store's emblem is created in soft blue and green colors which instigates an emotion of trust and dependability towards the company. These colors are also quite soothing and peaceful which makes them perfect for this business. Here, the business name is created in simple and italic fonts with a green abstract crescent marking the monogram.

Their monogram is crafted with bright colors and playful designs that give it a light hearted look. Here, the word "baby" is encased in four round balls with the business name written in thick and straight fonts. The use of playing balls adds a childish and imaginative touch to the emblem that arises a need for maternal care within viewers.

3. Gymboree:
Crafted in the soothing green color, this emblem is crafted with straight fonts with sharp edges that add a business like touch to it. The color green is usually used to represent growth and harmony and is a symbol of well being. This makes it the perfect color to adorn this brand.

In my opinion, this is one of the cutest designs to be ever created. The design is crafted in pink and blue colors which make it appealing to young boys and girls. There is also an illustration of baby cap which adds an air of imagination to the image. The thick and straight fonts are also contributing to the overall comfortable look of the monogram.

Like the business name, the emblem is smart and stylish. The use of gray and black colors make the design sophisticated while the curvy type face add an air of imagination to the trademark.

6. The Right Start:
There is a small silhouette of a baby playing with a balloon in the emblem that makes it soft and appealing. Although the fonts in the emblem are simple and straight, the colors used are bright and attractive. Green and blue colors are prominently used here while the silhouette of the child is created in orange color that makes it stand out from the logo. This emblem is as attractive on the website as it is for a shopping cart logo .

In a nutshell, when crafting an emblem for baby products, the colors that are mostly commonly observed are light blue, green and pink. These colors are used to give the emblem a soft touch while appealing to both the baby genders. The images that are crafted in the monogram also represent the world of toddlers. This makes these brand marks cute and sensitive.