Tottenham women now training full-time at men’s facilities

Rehanne Skinner at the Tottenham training ground
Skinner has agreed a two-and-a-half-year contract at Spurs until the end of the 2022-23 WSL campaign

Tottenham women’s new manager Rehanne Skinner says using the men’s training facilities on a full-time basis is a “statement of intent” from the club.

They had previously spent only one day a week at Hotspur Way, with the rest of the time at The Hive.

“It provides us with unbelievable facilities to start raising the standards that we are looking to achieve,” Skinner said.

“Ultimately, we want to try to develop a more competitive team over time.”

Skinner, who replaced long-serving duo Juan Amoros and Karen Hills last month, was the former England assistant coach under Phil Neville and a former Arsenal coach.

She added: “The club [Spurs] are very aware of that and want to keep supporting aspects of what we need to be able to achieve that over a more sustainable period.

“We have everything in and around the players that we need to create a high-performance environment. It’s now on our doorstep. The stuff we have access to now is unbelievable and obviously the players are ecstatic about being in this environment, which is great.”

Asked whether it was a move Skinner had pushed for herself, she said it was “already something that was happening”.

“The club were very aware that the facilities the players needed, needed to evolve. It obviously shows their interest in the women’s team because they felt it was the right time to make that move,” she added.

“That made a statement to me about the intent that was around, looking after the women’s team and incorporating them, so that’s been a real positive step for everybody really.”

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