Types of Wedding Dress Necklines

If you think that the choice of a wedding dress is made complicated enough by the length, color and design, then wait until you realize that there is another factor that can complicate the choice even further. Fortunately or unfortunately (even you look at it), there are also a variety of different necklines for your gown.

You can be frivolous, adventurous and even daring when choosing your neckline. You can get a lot of advice from your designer but it is best to know some of the basic things you have to consider when choosing your style so you can make an intelligent choice.


An off-the-shoulder style is a favorite not only among brides but also debutantes because it is very sexy. Pear-shaped women can benefit from this neckline as it will highlight their best features. If you are full-chested then this neckline can be a good choice. If you have fuller arms then stay away as it might not look too good on you.


As the name suggests, this neckline sports a front that is shaped like a V. If you have a medium-sized chest and you want to show some cleavage then this is the ideal style for you. However, you may want to stay away from this look if you are either small or large-chested.


This style is best for those who have broad shoulders and bad for brides with narrow shoulders. With straps that are wrapped around your neck, you can sometimes feel a little bit suffocated especially if you are not used to wearing outfits with this style. However, it is also quite sexy in appearance as it features a low back.


If you really want to look great on your wedding day then choose this look. Strapless gowns are usually designed with a boned bodice to provide shapelier figure. Brides who have well-toned arms can get away with this well. However, even the not so thin brides can opt for this neckline if they know how to carry their dress. Small-chested brides should stay away from this neckline both for aesthetic and practicality purposes.


If you are the conservative type then this is the neckline for you. It creates a bustier image so smaller-chested brides can often benefit from this. If you already have particularly large breasts then you may want to stay away from this look.

Your choice of wedding dress neckline should go hand in hand with the design of your gown so make sure you consider how your choice would fit in with your over-all look for the day.