Understanding and Using Subliminal Seduction Made Simple

If you have done any research at all in order to learn how to pick women up more easily, you have certainly heard of subliminal seduction. Many men confuse what subliminal seduction is, and even fewer men ever develop the ability to use it effectively. If you ever stand a chance of getting results and being able to seriously pick up almost any woman you want, you have to develop an understanding about what subliminal seduction is, and how to use it. This simple guide will be more than enough to get you started in the right direction.


Subliminal seduction is not some fancy type of hypnosis or a magic pill that makes every woman on earth want to sleep with you. It is, however, a very powerful tool that taps right into the natural mental process that all of our minds use in order to help you trigger the attraction buttons in a woman toward you. With practice and understanding, you can very quickly, and easily, learn how to become the type of man women want to be around and with, as well as offer women what they need from any type of relationship in order to make it mutually beneficial for you and her.


To start, you need to understand how our mind processes words and verbal communication. This is the key to subliminal seduction. About 90% of our communication is non-verbal. This means that only 10% of what you communicate is the actual words you use. The other 90% is body language, tone, inflection, what is not said, and a variety of other things.


Learning to structure your language in a way that implies what you want to say, without actually saying it, and in a way that makes her understand exactly what you are saying is essential. This is a bit confusing, so let’s clarify this.


A woman’s mind is much more visual than a man’s mind. In order to use subliminal seduction properly and effectively, you need to learn to communicate with stories. The structure of the story, the words you use, how you tell it, the emotions it invokes in her, and the message you want to communicate are all essential parts of a story that creates the results you are looking to create.


For example, you could talk about a friend of yours who was recently telling you about all the things she likes in a man that turns her on. This is a way for you to tell a story about a “friend” while at the same time triggering certain parts of her mind that make her want and desire you more. But you must do it properly in order to effectively get the results you want using subliminal seduction.


For example, your friend must have a name. Anytime we hear or tell a story of a friend with no name, our mind automatically associates the friend as actually being you, or that the story is a complete lie. Also, when you tell the story, you must use proper language structure to implant commands that tell her mind what to see, how to feel, and what triggers to turn on.


These are all important, and just a small part of properly using subliminal seduction. With the right understanding, practice, and continued learning, you can very quickly become a pro at using this type of language skill to get almost any woman you can imagine to become attracted to you.