Unforgettable Wedding Favors – History and Ideas

Wedding favors have always been a significant part of wedding celebrations. The use of wedding favors is part of a heritage that can be dated back to the early times. In any society or culture from around the globe, giving out these items have become an integral part of traditional wedding etiquette, showing the sincere appreciation of the new couple to the attendance and participation of all their guests to the momentous event of their lives. Fads are also followed in creating and choosing amongst wedding favor ideas. For instance, today's couples are leaving more on personalized items to lead the creative direction of their favors. Here, these items have evolved into a sophisticated or themed favors, which serve as the new couples' giveaways.

Any successful wedding plan is never complete without great wedding favor ideas. As the couple's way of saying "thank you" to their guests, tedious efforts are usually given on the selection of which item to use. Typically, the style and color of the favor depends on the theme, location and number of expected guests on a wedding. Typically, the wedding planner would ask the couple or the selection of favors depend on the couple's preferences (particularly those of the bride's). The thing about wedding favors is making it unique and thoughtful as possible as it reflects a sense of style and creates a lasting impression that the new couple will leave the guests with.

There are a number of items that are used as wedding favors. The kind of items range from food or beverage, gifts or donations. Anything from candy to fruit and coffee to wine, the ideas on food or beverage favor is limitless. The good things about this kind of wedding item is that it is fairly inexpensive and has a great potential to be a great hit to the guests as no one will resist a tasty treat. And since this kind of favor is perishable, weather and storage conditions must be accounted for. When the couple decides to give out gifts, they are also presented with a lot of options. From glasses to candles, this category of items is filled with a number of options for style, colors, shapes and sizes. The use of donations as wedding favors is a great way of giving back to the less fortress. In lieu of making pledges to the couple's favorite charity, the guests are able to exert wayside efforts in helping others in need. The great thing about donation wedding favor ideas is that all it has are pros and no cons.

Aside from deciding on which item to give out, the ways of presenting the favors also matters. Wedding favors may be arranged at each place setting (near the plate or on the plate), at the exit station (giving guests an element of surprise) and at the place card table (gives out a sneak preview of what to expect in the wedding reception).

Wedding favors are expressions of the couple's causes, personality and preferences. Aside from their sincere appreciation, these items are symbolic of the message that they would like to extend to their guests prior to the event. Careful selection of what favor to give out is actually critical to the success of a wedding plan. Fortunately, there are a number of options for today's new-couples-to-be to choose from.