Unique, Boutique Baby Clothes and Kids Clothing That Are Also Everyday Costume and Playwear!

It is so important for us to encourage our children to be unique and creative in all areas of their lives, including the way they dress. How many of us look at our kids and know they are just the cutest and should be on display for all to see. They are natural in their acting and their Imaginations are on overdrive! Lil’ Winged Wonders can transform our lil ones into an angel, fairy or dragon in seconds!

“All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players: They have their exits and their entrances; and one man in his time plays many parts.” William Shakespeare

We act as the costume designer or dresser for our very own actors and actresses. I have a friend that has a son who on any given day could be James Bond in a Tux, Captain Hook from Peter Pan, or your local Doctor or firefighter. Its great that some parents recognize that there is only a short phase in ones life where unless we could all act out our Walter Mitty daydreams, well, there is only one point in our lives where we CAN get away with all those different costumes, when we are small, young and innocent. Lil’ Winged Wonders is a great way to support the fun and imaginative age of infants and toddler “costuming”. And in reality, our children are acting and learning new parts all of the time, what better way to help them learn?

When my middle child was two we paid a visit to the pediatrician. That particular morning, there was all sorts of going’s on in his bedroom as I heard him getting ready; he was and still is quite the “Get it done” kind of child. So he leaves his room with a smile on his face like you wouldn’t believe, dressed in what he thought was his absolute finest. My son had on a pair of Power Ranger shorts,–the waistband pulled sideways with the diaper sticking out the top ( he knew to sag before it was really popular), a bright yellow T shirt with something on the front that did not match the shorts at all, inside out, and for his shoes, he chose a pair of Velcro fastened Aladdin light up sneakers, of course on the wrong feet (well he has the right feet, but the left shoe was on the right foot and the right shoe was on the left foot).

It was no use to tell him to change so into the car we went. We make our appointment and into the office we go and lo and behold, Dr. Page came right out and complimented my son on his outfit and noted that my son must have picked out his own clothes that morning and dressed himself (it was that obvious). My little guy beamed ear to ear, and I mentally stored that for many years (now that he is in high school, I do have to tell him to pull up his pants)

“One reason parents get so upset about clothes is that they feel they’ll be judged by their child’s appearance. So it may help to remember that, in the long run, a child who has learned to make his own choices is more likely to feel comfortable and confident – outcomes that are much more important than just looking well-dressed.”–Dr. Benjamin Spock

Play and Imagination are the cornerstone of a child’s learning experience. Saving old Halloween costumes or pinning a kitchen towel on to act as a cape are great ways to stimulate play and creativity. Allowing a child to fabric glue buttons or fabric pant and design their own costume is important as well. And Clothing like Lil Winged Wonders appeal is at any time a child can feel like they can be a dragon, a fairy or an angel. And have Wings! All kids want wings or think of flying! Give a child the gift of imagination, with some creativity!