Unique Father's Day Gift Ideas for Your Elderly Dad

Loose the sweaters and books this Father's Day. Be original and sincere using these great ideas for gifts. Dad will be impressed with the very unique way you chose to honor him on his special day.

Go on a Road Trip

This Father's Day gift idea can be done a few ways. If your Dad can not drive anymore it would be great treat to take him on a scenic ride. Pack a lunch and bring a map so you both can plan a fun trip. He'll enjoy the change of scenery and you'll both enjoy some quality time together.

If Dad does still drive, this would be a good chance to make sure he is still driving safely. As our parents age, this became an important issue. Let him be the tour guide and observe how well his driving skills are. This Father's Day gift idea could be a life saver some day.

Be a Father's Day Handyman

Chances are there are probably some tasks needed around the house that he can not do anymore. So dedicate Father's Day to helping him fix all those things around the house. This Father's Day gift idea gives you great time together and accomplishes some important tasks.

If you're not the handyman type, there are services available where you can "rent" a person for a day for this purpose.

Either way it will give him a piece of mind having all those things done and you've given him a great Father's Day gift too!

Satellite Radio or TV

Does your Dad like sports or other special interests? Some older people are a bit intimidated by the overwhelming choices available for subscription TV and radio services. They miss out on some great entertainment.

Order a year's worth of the service, and help with the installation and programming. Show him the basics on how it works and see how fast he'll come to enjoy watching or listening to his favorite sports games or movie stations. This Father's Day gift idea keeps on giving for a full year and you can renew his subscription after that!

Be His Private Chef

Oftentimes, elderly people tend not to eat properly. Especially if they live alone. They do not feel like cooking so they will choose meals that either are not the healthiest options (like frozen dinners and fast food).

Cook a wide selection of meals, package them individually and freeze them. Now he has wholesome homemade meals that he can easily enjoy. A Father's Day gift idea that's made with love!

How Safe is Dad's House?

This Father's Day gift idea is another potential life saver. Injuries from falling pose some serious risks to the elderly. Inspect his house for any safety type issues. Look for trip hazards like loose flooring or slippery rugs. The bathroom should have bars in the tub / shower area and a rubber mat in the bottom of the tub. If there are stairs, ensure the railings are sturdy and the stairwell is well lit.

If the laundry is done in a cellar, research the cost to purchase some small stackable washer / dryer sets and have them installed on the main floor of the house somewhere. The expense may seem great, but avoiding the risk of injury from falling down the stairs with a basketful of laundry is well worth the price. If you have siblings, share the cost amongst you for a group Father's Day gift.

Searching for the perfect Father's Day gift can be challenging enough. If Dad is older it can be even more difficult. Chances are they have pretty much everything they want. These great gift ideas for Father's Day will go a long way in telling him how special and loved he is.