Unique Gifts for Twin Girls

Shopping for twin girls can be fun or infuriating. Age can make a difference, of course. Finding unique gifts for twin girls that are babies is much easier than finding something unique for teenage twins.

You may want to give matching items, or you may purposefully choose non-matching gifts to focus attention on their individuality. This, too, may be dependent on age, as younger twins often want to match.

Unique Gifts for Twin Girls 1 to 3 Years Old

Baby gifts are more for the parents than the babies in many cases. Babies younger than a year of age have little concept of gifts. As they mature, they enjoy toys, and they may enjoy teasing off gift wrap, but the parents will enjoy it more.

Unique gifts for twin girls may depend on the parents' philosophy of twin-ness. If they have made it known through actions or words that they do not want identical lives for their girls, dissimilar gifts will be appreciated. Otherwise, feel free to give identical, but unique gifts.

1. Stuffed animals that are similar, but not identical make unique gifts. Give one girl a kangaroo baby in a box, the other a koala baby in a box.

2. Bootie foot puppets in two designs are a unique gift. Twin girls can mix or match the puppets, making different sets. Toddlers and older will enjoy hours of fun making the foot puppets talk.

3. Seriously educational toys are unique gifts that they can use together. Toys that develop hand-eye coordination are excellent. Some educational toys are not cheap, but one will satisfy both girls.

Unique Gifts for Twin Girls 3 to 8 Years Old

1. Two or more books from the same series. Give each twin girl a book that is her personal, unique gift. They can share, but maintain personal ownership. Character building books are a good choice, unique, and a fun, effective way to teach family values.

2. Double-sided easels make great, unique gifts for twin girls. Each side should be identical: chalkboard or white board. The twins can enjoy it separately or together, each expressing her individual feelings on her side of the easel.

3. Twin girls love jewelry and cute animals. A unique gift is a charm bracelet for each, starting with two or three different animal charms on each bracelet. The girls can add to their bracelets, or you can add on another gift-giving occasion.

Unique Gifts for Twin Girls 9 to 13 Years Old

1. Gift certificates to CafePress will be viewed as truly unique gifts for twin girls at this age. You can design the items to be purchased or not. Twins can design their own individual tee-shirts, teddy bears, or other items. If they design matching shirts that proclaim "double trouble" or something similar, the shirts will still be unique gifts, designed personally by them.

2. Again, books from the same series will be appreciated and shared, yet each will be a unique gift for one or the other twin.

3. Identical but unique gifts are often secretly enjoyed by this age. Purchase identical "twins" necklaces: two identical twin girl charms hanging from a silver chain and separated by silver beads. They will wear them everywhere, even if they do keep them under cover.

Unique Gifts for Twin Girls 14 to 18 Years Old

1. Twin girls in their teen years are usually very close to one another. Unique gifts for twin girls at this age should recognize developing individual interests while maintaining that closeness. A gift certificate to CafePress will prompt hours of fun "together" as they design items that reflect their "individual" personalities.

2. Treat twin girls who are careful of their looks to a day of beauty. Take them to a spa, give them equal amounts of money, and let them choose from the menu for a unique gift of their own making. Or let them throw a spa party at home with special products such as those from Jaqua Beauty.

3. Give the twins an opportunity to re-decorate their room partially or completely. They can work together on this unique gift, buying matching accessories or complementary ones.

Unique gifts for twin girls should, above all, be expressions of thoughtfulness. The giver should refuse from merely giving each one a check or cash. Use this occasion to show that you know they are two people, not one – yet two people who mean the world to each other.

Disclaimer: The author is not associated with any retailer named in this article, and is not compensated in any way if the reader makes a purchase as a result of information offered.