Unique Wedding Invitations

Unique wedding invitations are easy to create. The only thing that limits you is your imagination. Today’s tech savvy couples use different types of multimedia to create one of a kind, memorable wedding invitations. They combine video footage with pictures and music and photos to tell their story and provide a personal invite to their wedding.

The piece of art is then burnt on CD or DVD and sent out along with everything found in the standard invitation.

Not being so technically savvy doesn’t mean that you can’t have unique wedding invitations. For example, you can pick a 5×7 digital picture of the couple, frame it in a distinct border, print your wording inside, and have a unique wedding invitation without breaking the bank. If you feel artsy, you can also add a ribbon or dried flower along the border that frames the photo. I can guarantee you that it will make an impression. Sometimes people keep these types of wedding invitations as a keepsake, so it is worth it to put extra effort when creating it.

Another option to have a unique wedding invitation is to hire an artist to recreate from a photograph a portrait of the couple. This is something to be cherished by the couple for a lifetime. One can go even further in pursuit of unique wedding invitation. Recently I saw something that blew me away – wedding invitation of handmade paper, pressed flowers, and handmade silk ornaments boxed with rose petals and confetti. Or another one that was scrolled with cinnamon sticks attached to both ends and tied with a silk ribbon delivered in a paper wrapped tube.

Unique wedding invitations are easy to come up with as you see from the examples above. All you need is imagination. For inspiration you can go online, just make sure you have plenty of time because you will be blown away by the vast choice.