Valentine's Gifts from Kids to Mom and Dad

Looking for some great Valentine's Day gift ideas for your parents? Some kids write captions like "We treasure you", "We scored big with you" or "We love you" on a chart paper. Others prepare a photo frame, carrying the words "You are the Best Mom / Dad in the world". Let's look some more gift ideas.

Valentine's Gift Ideas

A green 'Valentine' tree with heart-shaped ornaments and toped with an "I love you" note and can make a festive gift for your parents. So does a magnet reflecting tiny photos of family members that are pasted on magnetic paper to stick on the refrigerator.

Children of all ages, even adult children, can collect recent photographs of the family members and prepare a mini scrapbook. A 'Kiss Jar' is a fun gift, too, prepared by painting the outside of a jar with hearts and kisses and adding Hershey's candy kisses inside. Another neat gift is a puzzle pin is prepared by arranging old jigsaw puzzle pieces.

Mother and children statues are an apt Valentine's Day gift. So are them gifts like giving a small box that represents a room where inside the box the recipient will find stuffed teddy bears sitting on a sofa with "We Love our Parents" written on a tiny picture hanging over the sofa, and a 'bears family 'with the family names written on each bear drawn on an accompanying card.

To go along with the gift, or as a gift in itself, a cake that is shaped like the word DAD or MOM can be prepared at home.

Do not forget that greeting cards and flowers are traditional gifts, always good for recipients of any age. And fingerprint cards can be prepared at home if you're looking for more unique gift cards.

Valentine's Gifts for Mom

Kids can present the following Valentine's gifts for mom – House Helper Card, I Love You Card, Photo House Card, Thumb Bunny Card, Pop-Up Bouquet Card, Wheel of Affection, ABC Book of Mom, Bagel portraits, Broaches to Brag, Cameo Necklace, Handprint Apron, Handprint Towels, Kitchen Angel, Button Bracelet, Paper Blossoms, Spa Door Hanger, Sparkling Sun Catcher, Treasure Box, You and Me Book. A necklace or bracelet or earring will evoke memories everyday. Diner style mug is good for daily use. Three cubical candles that together spell MOM, which have a 46-hour burning time is ideal for celebration. A Pacific Revolution Waist Bag can also fit within the budget.

Valentine's Gifts for Dad

Kids can present the following Valentine's gifts for dad – A Pup for Pop, Computer Frame, Daddy Duct Dollars, Funny faceted refrigerator Magnets, Family Key Keeper, Golf Ball Mobile, Family Key Keeper, 5 Fab Crafts for Dad, Formal Greetings, Me and You Book, Painted Pebbles, Personalized Hobby Boxes, Treasure Box, Chore Card, Collage Card, Photo House Card, Thumb Bunny Card, Picture Puzzle, Memo pads & Paperweights and Best Dad Certificate. The Hairy Daddy Longlegs Cupcakes can be prepared at home. Kids may make a dessert or bake a cake at home. Kids can honor their dad, a breakfast of Omelet, Cheese Tart or Baked French Toast.