Wedding Cakes For a Sweet Life

Wedding cakes are always present in every reception. This is because after the the newlyweds, there are instances where these sweet and towering creations become the attraction during the after party.

Unlike common cakes, the cakes served in a wedding usually consist of several layers and elaborate designs. In fact, there is art incorporated in designing these cakes. Bakers and pastry designers practice delicate techniques just for the construction of these wonderful creations. Some cakes take days of preparation before it is finally finished.

Although a traditional wedding cake is made with layers, there is also the modern wedding cake which is made with smaller pieces such as cupcakes. Cupcakes make a good wedding cake because of the uniqueness it creates. Also, it makes it easier to serve to guests.

The colors used to design the cake are commonly based on the color motif of the wedding. Marzipan and fondant are the common elements used throughout the layer the cake. There are taste tests done to see which cake flavor and type will be used. Other ornaments such as flowers and fruits are added to make the cake colorful. Flowers and fruits are best used in weddings to be held during spring and summer. There are also other decorations such asible pearls, gold and beads to make the cake look a lot more interesting.

Cakes in the wedding have an important part in the reception as it is sliced ​​by the couple together. The first slice is consumed by the couple together as a symbol of sharing everything in their lifetime. This is the most common tradition so far. Afterwards, the cake is served to the guests as part of the dessert.

The top layer in wedding cakes is another story. Traditionally, a figurine resembling the newlyweds is placed at the top. There are also instances where the top layer of wedding cake is saved. It is consumed at the day of the couple's first wedding anniversary.

There are other traditions that surround the cakes found in a wedding. In some cultures, these cakes are one of the symbols of sweetness and romance in the newlywed's life. A cake pull is one tradition practiced in the United States and in some Asian regions where charms are inserted at the bottom of the cake and can only be taken out by pulling the ribbons or strings attached to it.

Wedding cakes is one detail that will always be looked at. With its intricate details and sweet taste, it is no wonder that it is chosen as one of the great symbols of the newlywed's love for each other.