Wedding Cupcakes

Wedding cupcakes are the new wedding cake for today. The wedding planning timeline has started and many brides are looking for that unusual presentation. Brides are looking for something a bit different for their wedding day that will set them apart from the rest. Of course they want their guests to walk away amazed at the beautiful displays. Gone are the days where a wedding required a six hundred dollar wedding cake or more. There is also no need to saw through that royal frosting that required an extra ordinary strength. Can you imagine the surprise during the cake cutting ceremony when the knife wouldn’t cut the cake? I still remember that on my wedding day. Of course no one had shared that with us. We just smiled and pretended as the cake was not cut.

Consider wedding cupcakes as a great alternative for the wedding cake. They are versatile, unusual and can be presented in many, many different ways. With ease of serving of these tasty morsels how can one say no. Cutting endless slices of cake to serve to your guests are no longer required. There is no brow sweating or finger crossing involved when transporting these. Can you imagine serving your guests smashed and ruined wedding cake? No need here, simply pop on a plate and voila cake is served. Or guests could help themselves. No danger here of drooling butter cream icing or of avalanches of tiers. Cupcakes are self contained and can be displayed in a safe manner without danger of capsizing.

Wedding cupcakes are the way to go for cost, presentation and ease. All in all they are so cute and delicious every guest will clamor to have one.

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