Wedding Day? Use Reiki For Stress Relief

I'm going to talk about stress management and how to cope. And especially your Wedding day. Stress is the state of mind most likely to spoil that special day, event or interview. Reiki is the ultimate 'Stress Management Tool' Channel Reiki Healing Energy to quieten the mind, quieten the mind and the body relaxes-releases: Release from the body is a clear mind, being held in permanence and silence, with access to healing energy gives the whole 'Self' a window of opportunity for restoration ..

Leading up to the Wedding day, if you can arrange for your guests, especially people close to the Bride and Groom, a Reiki treatment a few weeks before the big day. You will be amazed how stress free everyone is. To cope with the pressure the big day produces, you could not do better, Reiki can not guarantee the weather, but the reduction in stress will help you cope whatever that turns out to throw at you 🙂

Stress has been a rising cause of fatigue from work replacing bad backs as the main cause of absence. In total, more than 5 million working days a year are now list in the UK alone to complaints of stress.

I would say anything that reduces stress levels, I would give it a fair trial. I know many Brides that have had a Reiki session apx two weeks before the wedding, and then had a Reiki practitioner come to the house on the morning of the wedding day, working on the bride, the bridesmaids and especially the mother of the bride. I know it makes a great deal of difference to how the big day has gone. The stress is relieved to a great extent to every-one's relief.

I also know some businesses have a Reiki Therapist visit their company and have them give a short Reiki treatment as the employers sit at their desks – stress levels go down and productivity increases.

Doctors are fully aware of the presence of stress – they are particularly vulnerable to it themselves, and a growing number of GP practices have stress management counsels on-board for patient referral. Hopefully as they are becoming increasingly aware that emotional and psychological conditions respond remarkably well to complementary therapy, including Reiki, they are more likely to suggest an alternative, natural rout for some treatments.

Stress is basically how you perceive the demands and pressures that life presents, and how you are able to draw on your inner resources to cope. What you find unable to cope with today – you will take everything in your stride with Reiki.

There is no need for you to believe in Reiki – or, for that matter, in any other holistic healing system: It will still work! The five Precepts of Dr Mikao Usui can have a substantial effect on lives, though Reiki is NOT a religion.

1. Just for today, do not worry.
2. Just for today, do not anger.
3. Honor your parents, teachers and elders.
4. Earn your living honestly.
5. Show gratitude to every living thing.

The point that the Reiki principals make, is the life force relations on the views and judgments that we practice and make known. In other words, if we think in a positive manner and try to feel only good feelings, such as caring or closeness, and dedicate our life to discipline and perseverance (as best we can) the life energy is profuse and the stress diminishes to that which we can cope with.