Wedding Films

A Wedding video is such a precious keep sake. Could you imagine having your mothers footage of her Wedding or even your Grandmothers!? How amazing would that be? Pretty cool if you ask me! That’s why I feel like it is so important to always capture precious memories on film.

Wedding Videography is quickly becoming one of the most popular “new accessories” in the Wedding industry. It used to be that only stars and rich people could afford a Videographer at their Wedding. But now, it is quickly becoming the most sought after Vendor at a Wedding.

With more technology than ever, Wedding Videographers now have the edge and the capability to create and unforgettable film of your beautiful Wedding day.

Imagine having you the vows spoken, the way your father hugs you and you walking down the isle. What about all the guests present at your Wedding day and Reception and all the dancing, toasts, laughter and music. Photographs cannot capture that realism, only a video can.

So don’t forget when you are out there planning for your Wedding, do not forget to hire a Wedding Videographer. And not just any Wedding Videographer, make sure that the Wedding Videographer that you hire has a sense of taste and style that you do or who at least had the capability to crate any type of style you want to portray on your film! That is so very important.

I saw a Wedding that was just simply beautiful. Here are some tips to a Bride. Bride, if you decide to hire a Wedding Videographer to your make sure you do a few things in order for your film to be as picture perfect as possible.

First thing, which is one of the most important things to remember! Make sure, if you are having an evening Wedding, there MUST be good lighting for the Videographer. If nothing else, make sure that there is lighting on the bride, groom, and the pastor. Those are the most important people to be able to see if your having a night time Wedding.

If you are having a sunset Wedding it is very important to remember, if you are planning on having a Wedding Videographer there, that the Wedding must end before the sun goes down completely. Those two things to keep in mind will really help in making your Wedding Video turn out just beautifully and perfectly crystal clear.

Second, makeup is another very important topic. Many, if not all, Wedding Videographer will get a lot of close up shots, and of who….the Bride. Believe it or not, Brides actually look a lot more beautiful in their close up shots with the camcorder and it unknown why. It is said that most camcorders typically put in 10-20 pounds on a person. So when a close up shot is taken, it eliminates the full body shots and focuses more so on the eyes, the dress, the shoes getting out on, etc. and creates an image that is flattering. So, knowing that, make sure that you take particular care to your makeup and hair. Making sure that it is just right will make your beautiful image on your film an unforgettable experience to watch and to remember for a lifetime!