Wedding Gifts for Groomsmen – Great Gift Ideas for Thanking Your Attendants

It is traditional to give your groomsmen a gift as a token of your appreciation for participating in your wedding. Coming up with a great wedding gift for the groomsmen is not always easy though especially with all the other wedding duties you already have to attend to.

Keep in mind that you do not have to get either groomsman the same thing. You can personalize the gift choices by getting each one that reflects their interests or personality. Although each groomsman does not have to receive the exact same gift, you should try to spend approximately the same amount on each guy with a little bit more being spend on the best man since he carries additional responsibilities when it comes to participating in your wedding.

Here are some wedding gift suggestions for groomsmen based on different interests:

  • Beer Lovers – Join them in a beer of the month club. It does not have to be for a full year. Three, six, and nine month subscriptions are also offered by many clubs. A home brewing kit also makes a fun gift idea for a groomsman that is a beer lover.
  • Golf Lovers – A nice golf polo shirt or a set of personalized golf balls and tees make great gifts for a groomsman that is a golf lover. If all the groomsmen love golf, a guys golf outing with the groom and all his groomsmen would make a gift they will all remember.
  • Sports Fans – For big sports fans, you could buy them tickets to go to see their favorite team in action or buy them gift items such as clothing, home décor, or car accessories featuring their favorite sports team.
  • Cigar Lovers – Groomsmen who appreciate a good cigar every once in a while may also appreciate a cigar humidor as a gift. A box of fine cigars also makes a nice gift for a groomsman who is a cigar enthusiast.
  • Outdoor / Nature Lovers – For groomsmen that love the great outdoors, camping gear or hiking gear makes a unique and thoughtful gift idea.

    Remember not to get stressed out over choosing groomsmen gifts. Planning a wedding takes a lot of work and worried too much over all the details and will take some of the joy out of it. If you still are not sure what to get them, a gift certificate or a traditional groomsmen gift such as an engraved money clip or flask will always work too!