Wedding Planning 101 – Easy Steps to Create a Checklist For Your Wedding

There are so many things to think about and do before one gets to finally tie the knot. A person would need about 10 to 12 months before the wedding day to work on their checklist. If you can handle the wedding planning and organization by yourself, then you can do without hiring a professional wedding planner. You and your partner should always be hands on in following up the wedding checklist since it is an important guide to all the details of your wedding.

Here are some of the important things that should be in a couple of wedding checklist:

The couple should understand the challenge that lies ahead for a newly engaged couple. They must be aware of the responsibilities that they are about to take and they must feel ready in taking such responsibilities.

You should prepare to break the news to family members, close relatives, and close friends. Plan for some problems to be experienced at this stage since some of your family members may be against the idea of ​​marriage. Once you have this stage in the bag you can go ahead with planning your wedding.

You should then plan for your engagement to be announced. This is traditionally done through a local newspaper, but now you may also want to make the announcement online on a wedding website. This is an important part of your wedding checklist since it is a way for you to inform your friends and relatives about your upcoming marriage.

Before planning all the fine details of the wedding, you should first come up with a budget. Do both you and your fiancé have the resources to finance the event? If not, where do you plan to get the cash? It will be hard to continue with planning your day if your expenses and resources are not yet set in advance. It would also be very helpful if the couple can already decide as to who is going to pay for the wedding, or who is going to contribute and help fund the wedding.

Only then should you start to compile a guest list. You will absolutely need to agree from the start if they are going to invite only a few people or all of their acquaints. The guest list should be a consensus between both you and your fiancé to help ensure you are both happy through the engagement period. They will also need to choose a date and time for the event. Try to keep an open mind when setting a date. This will leave you amenable for an alternate date if your first choice is not possible. Once this is taken care of you can start to make reservations for your ceremony and reception.