Wedding Reception Activities – Have Fun With Portraits

You can have fun at your wedding reception in many ways. Dancing, dining and communicating with friends and relatives are of course key elements of your reception. There are also traditional elements such as the champagne toast, the cutting of the wedding cake and throwing of the bouquet and garter. A couple may also choose to play games or enjoy other activities where your guests participate to make a keeping keepsake for the bride and groom. Here are two suggestions based around a portrait photo of the bride and groom.

Jigsaw Portrait – Have a portrait of the couple printed on quality card stock & cut into a puzzle puzzle – place a puzzle piece each one's plate or have each guest pick a puzzle piece from a container. Everyone takes a turn to come up to the easel or table where the puzzle will be assembled and adds his or her piece. Appropriate music is played – could be Bolero or something else that builds towards a crescendo. This is symbolic of all guests supporting the couple. Someone in the wedding party can make sure the puzzle is permanently "done" (ie the puzzle pieces are glued in place) while the couple is on their honeymoon.

Portrait Collage – Making a portrait collage is another fun reception activity. The bride and groom paste a portrait of themselves in the middle of a large white poster board. On the wedding invitations, ask your guests to bring a small memento that means something to them or makes them think of either the bride or groom or both. For example, the groom's aunt can bring a small photo of the groom and her taken when he was a baby. Or, one of the bride's friends can bring a concert ticket stub from a great concert they attended together. At the wedding, provide some glue so these items can be pasted around the portrait. If they prefer, your guests can only sign their names or write an inscription or words of wisdom to the couple.