Wedding Toast – How to Pick the Best Champagne For Your Wedding

No wedding is complete with out the clinking of the glasses and the toasts given by loved ones to honor the bride and groom. Everyone enjoys raising a glass to toast to the happy couple, but how do you decide the best champagne to serve at your wedding? Here are a couple of ideas to get you started.

Champagne is a beverage served at most weddings. It is the beverage of choice for celebrating a joyous occasion. The best-known sparkling wine is, of course, Champagne. Though so much sparkling wine is referred to as Champagne, true Champagne comes from the Champagne region of France. Now champagne is the most well known and one of the costliest of the sparkling wines in the world, but there are many other sparkling varieties of exotic wines produced in other countries and regions, that are very good in their own right. The Spumante of Italy also has a long and distinguished tradition among sparkling wines. The Cap Classique of South Africa is not a very old variety, but some people prefer it to the European brands.

Champagne range from sweet to very dry. Extra-brut is very dry; brut is dry; extra-dry is slightly sweet and demi-sec is a sweet sparkling wine. Experts say if you like toasty and yeasty, go with a French bottle; if you like something light and bubbly try something from California. Most experts recommend a brut sparkling wine because it goes with everything, and is usually a better-made wine than the semi-dry. Champagne labelled extra dry is actually sweeter than brut and works nicely with some chosen deserts.

There isn’t much need to consider pairing your champagne choice with food. Champagne is probably one of the most versatile wines for food. Champagne contains high levels of acidity and a small amount of sugar. The two extremes complement elements in almost any food. Although Brut is the most popular champagne/sparkling wine, Rose is one of the best to have with dinner and the most popular for weddings.

We caution against making a selection on the basis of price alone. You can buy champagne that you feel is just as good as a higher-priced product. It all goes back to personal taste preference. When all else fails, take a middle-of-the-road approach and offer champagnes/sparkling wines that most guests will like. Choose something that’s not too sweet, not too dry or not too fruity.

There are many way to make your wedding unique and distinctive, but many of them are over-used and expensive. Having champagne at your wedding gives you a great opportunity to have a unique decorative item or wedding favor for your guests to enjoy. You can have custom champagne labels designed to match your wedding. Labels can fit regular size, magnum and mini-wine and champagne bottles as decorations for your tables or favors for your guests. Champagne/sparkling wine also makes wonderful thank you gifts to bridesmaids and groomsmen or other friends who have helped with the wedding.

Whatever type of champagne or sparkling wine you choose, you will enjoy the celebration. Plan on having enough champagne for two glasses per guest, so everyone can toast to your happiness!