Wedding Traditions For Your Dream Wedding

Whether you are planning your very own dream wedding or helping out a friend, you can never run out of good ideas to make the day perfect. One way to honor this momentous day is to know about, and follow certain wedding traditions that can make this day of unity memorable for the decades to come! You can, of course, adjust to these traditions and have a pick of those which fit your wedding theme. Whether you want to use one tradition or if you want to use all of them, they will help to create a perfect wedding day that will be remembered forever!

1. Something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue … This popular rhyme is one of the many wedding traditions followed by most brides for culture or race. To use something old (like a piece of jewelry passed on from the bride's family) is to tie the bond with family members. To use something new (wedding dress, a tiara, or even a ring) is to welcome the bride and groom's new life together. To borrow a happily married woman's item (earrings, a special pin, a necklace) passes on the good luck for a happy marriage. And to use something blue (a precious stone on a ring, flowers) brings fidelity to the marriage.

2. First piece of the wedding cake … This is often shared by the couple as shown in the ceremonial cutting of the wedding cake. The newlyweds are often seen to give each other their first bite of the cake. This is done to symbolize the sharing of life together and of creating bonds with each other. The wheat used to bake the wedding cake symbolizes fertility and the sweetness symbolizes the sweet and happy union of the couple.

3. The white bridal dress … While more and more brides opt to incorporate color to their wedding dresses, using a white bridal dress remains to be one of the dominant wedding traditions all over the world. Mary Queen of Scots was known to be the first royal bride to wear white on her wedding. White is known to symbolize the purity and virginity of the bride. While this idea can be quite unfitting for most modern women, white remains to be the favorite color for weddings. The color is also believed to ward off evil spirits that may haunt the newlyweds' union. These few beliefs, some brides simply look amazing on white wedding dresses.

4. Throwing of rice … Throwing rice grains on the newlyweds right after the wedding ceremony is known to symbolize good luck and prosperity for the newlyweds. While some churches have already taken this particular wedding tradition, there are still many who follow it, making sure to do everything to wish the bride and groom the best.

5. The throwing of the wedding bouquet … This is one of the many wedding traditions that is seen in most weddings. After the wedding ceremony, all single women gather round the bride. The bride turns her back to the singles crown and throws away her wedding bouquet. The single woman who catches the bouquet is said to be the next in line to get the good tidings of marriage.