What Are The Best Wedding Favors For You?

Some of the best selling wedding favors are those that are personalized, like bottle openings and keychains. With this choice, your guests have an beautiful wedding guest favor that reminds them of your union, and that they can use on their keyring with their car keys as they drive. Wine tasting is also a fun way to impress your guests and use cool wedding favors like special wine glasses that your party can keep. Think of all the shapes and varieties of glasses you can find to have frosted with your names!

There are many problems in planning a wedding and locating the perfect wedding favors to bless to your guests, as well as your attendants, are some of them. You want them to create a memory and say something special about your big event. What is the most prominent wedding you remember? I bet you remember the little details like the wedding favors that made an impression on you. Many people like to look for items that will peak the interest of those around them and turn the heads of all of their friends.

Look for wedding guest favors in your color scheme and within the interests you have. They can be anything from biking and hiking, to the African culture, to a Disney theme. There are no stops to what you can do when you and your fiance put your heads together and create a fantastic fantasy from the love you share. Many people also like to show a video montage of their love, so try to use a special symbol of something you have done together to catch people eye and leave them talking about what an awesome experience youave them. For example, if you went to Italy together, you can serve Italian food as wedding favors and send them home with homemade pasta in its own containers! Remember, this is an event that should happen only once, so go crazy and tell the world about your love!

Many couples also choose wedding favors based on a theme, like golf, casino, Japanese, or Disney. Within your theme, the sky is the limit! If you like Nascar, you can adorn every table with a Nascar hat wedding favors for them to wear once the party gets started. If you are country at heart, you can have a little bale of hay at every table, and they can each have their own cowboy hat to take home with 'Mr. and Mrs. ' on it! If you are into swing dancing, you can give guests their own lessons with an instructor you hire, as well as a fun swing CD to take home as a wedding favor. All the ideas are up to you, and if you do a beach theme, you can even give guests their own flip-flips with your new last name. But who says it stops there? They can all dance on sand you have sprinkled on the dance floor! Or you can even give them Hawaiian leis for a tropical theme.

To conclude, there is nothing stopping you in your wedding favor choices. Weddings are a once in a lifetime event to wear your white dress, and have fun! Pick favors that will make your day enjoyable and memorable for you and your friends and family. The choices are endless, whether it be bath salts, wine glasses, or coffee mugs.