What Attracts Women to Older Men?

Have you ever wondered what associates women to older men? And no, we're not talking about the kind of attraction between dirty old millionaires and young beautiful gold diggers. We are not talking about confused young women either who are searching for father figures in their boyfriends. Rather, we're talking about genuine and long-lasting attraction that has the potential to deepen into love.

What attracts women to older men?


Many studies show that females mature before males do, and it's possible that maturity is what attracts women to older men. Given the choice, who would want date an immature guy over a mature guy? An immature guy, for instance, would not understand that there are times when you have to prioritize work over relationship. A mature guy, placed in the same situation, will not just show his understanding. He'll also be supportive and maybe even volunteer to take over kitchen or laundry duties to lessen your burdens.


There's a slight but essential difference between confidence and maturity, but both usually comes hand in hand. Confidence may be what attracts women to older men as well because it's an irresistible quality.

A guy lacking in confidence would stammer his words out and would not be able to meet a woman's eyes straight. A confident guy, on the other hand, will not just be able to speak clearly and look at you straight the eye. He also will not hesitate to ask for your name or maybe even even ask you out right away if the attraction between you is that strong.

Secondly, a confident man will not ever be threatened by the achievements of his partner. He will rejoice with her and not hate her for "upstaging" him. Younger men can rarely display this kind of confidence because they're too hungry to prove something themselves. At this point in their lives, few will be able to swallow the fact that their partners had achieved something greater than they had ever accomplished in their lives.


What attracts women to older men? Decisiveness, for one thing.

Decisiveness can be seen in a number of ways. A decent man knows what he wants right away. A decent man knows himself well. He understands his role in the world and it before comes easily to him to identify what he wants in his life.

Once he sees something he wants, a decent man also will not hesitate to go for it. He knows what things are and are not worth fighting for and if he considers you important in his life then he'll let you know that. No woman will find that undesirable. A decent man makes his woman feel safe and protected. He helps them feel secure about the future because he's the type of man you can trust your future to … if there's ever a need to.


Last but not the least, the ability to be happy and contented on their own is what attracts women to older men.

At their age, they already know and understand that happiness and contentment are not merely a state. They're a choice. Older guys are happy and contented because they chose to be, and who would not want to have a guy like that in their lives?