What Do Women Want? Here Are the 3 Most Crucial Secrets You Must Not Miss at Any Cost

It's often said that god only knows what a woman truly desires. This is what most people out there generally think simply because due to the fact that they have not been able to effectively figure out as to what women are all about therefore they always struggle. But you see understand what women want is not very difficult. Once you understand a woman's basic needs you can more or less know what she is all about. Read on to discover some of the most amazing facts on what women really want and achieve mind blowing results ..

Men go by the looks and women don't- Now this is a true fact. You see men get more aroused by the looks but women are aroused by what they see in the mind. Women need more mental stimulation than physical one. Therefore the best way to affect a woman is to appeal to her mind.

Women want to be understood- Women are far more emotional as compared to men but often most men do not consider their emotions. And the fact is that most women do not share what's really going on in their mind due to which you might have no idea as to what she is going through. Therefore you must try and understand her emotional system and the way she thinks to truly figure her out.

Women want to feel loved- Do you know the reason why even the most simple of gifts such as a flower can make a big difference to females? You see they want a sign; they want you to express your love to them. Now this can be in the way of a regular hug, a kiss or maybe small gifts. A lot of guys do not understand the meaning of such small gestures but they sure can take you a long way if you do it right.