"What Happened to My Face?" Make Up Tips For Caribbean Brides

"What happened to my face"? No bride wants to ask that question upon viewing her wedding photos. Unfortunately this occurs more often than one would like. This is usually the result of using an inexperienced make-up artist. Your make-up artist needs to be knowledgeable and be experienced with different types of make-up and how it is affected by lighting used in photography. In order to achieve a spectacular look on your special day you should strive for the following. vibrant, healthy-looking skin an experienced make up artist tried and tested colors Your wedding make-up is as important as your wedding dress. Your face will be the highlight of the photos and there will be many close-up shots. Your artist's expertise will determine the success of the finished product – you.

Choose Your Make up Artist Carefully

One of the benefits of choosing a well-known artist is that he or she has experience and has already developed a reputation. You never want to look like you are wearing a mask in your photos or look like you are going to a night club. There are however, many little known artists who are very talented. They may be new in the business but that can sometimes be an advantage as they are enthusiastic with new techniques and can achieve the same result or even better than the more famous ones. If you select one from this category, then you must have good recommendations and you must have about two trial sessions before you make your decision. A portfolio will help you decide what the artist is capable of but remember, everyone's face and skin are different. More importantly make-up trials must be done prior to your wedding day. Even if you have to pay a small fee to do this, this will save a lot of disappointment and heartache on your big day. You may want to bring along some bridal magazines with different looks that you would like to try out so you can see which one suits you best. If you are not satisfied with the results of your trial, do another or choose a different artist. Do not pay a deposit until you have done a trial and are satisfied with the results achieved. Any legitimate artist will expect this.

Achieve the Fabulous, Flawless look that you want

Make-up should be fresh and should accentuate your natural beauty. Never overdo your make-up on your wedding day. Bridal magazines offer different looks that are bronze or coral shades. Decide which look is right for you. Color choices are very important. For a soft, dewy look, local make-up artist Renee-Liza suggests, the use of cream foundations, blushes and eye shadows paired with moisture rich lipstick / gloss. This of course depends on your skin type. An oily type would have to use a matte finish. The modern bride might prefer to use 'airbrushed' make-up for a more flawless and long lasting finish. Some brides even opt for the use of false eyelashes. To avoid looking 'over-done' do your experimenting before your wedding day. Make-up artist Katrianna Latchman advises that your foundation should not be higher than SPF 8 if you must use SPF protection. SPF properties tend to cause flashback, which gives the white, washed out look that is sometimes reflected in photos. Katrianna strongly recommends the use of oil blotting sheets or touching up with powder to ensure the makeup stays fresh and not get too oily. Some that are prescribed are Clean and Clear blotting sheets, and for a great no-color powder, Black Opal Invisible Oil Blotting Powder.

Cleanse and nourish your skin so that it will be healthy for the big day.

Yes, nourish! You have to treat your skin internally. Also eat good wholesome foods and include lots of fruit and vegetables. Diet is very important. Stay away from unhealthy and greasy food. These can cause break-outs. Eliminate junk-foods drink lots of water daily. It will not hurt to speak to a nutritionist. According to make-up artist Renee-Liza Seeramlal getting your skin to look as flawless as possible is the key to looking beautiful on your wedding day. Renee-Liza recommends taking care of your skin by cleansing, toning and moisturizing every day, drinking lots of water and doing a series of facials. Your last face should be a week before the wedding to allow healing of any redness or irritation. Exfoliate with a micro bead scrub and do a skin-brightening mask on the actual day to reveal fresh, glowing skin. De-stress! Wedding planning can be extremely stressful and stress is also a key player in breakouts. Exercise will help in blood circulation and will also help to tone your body. You will feel more relaxed and relieve much of your stress. You will smile more and that's great exercise for your facial muscles – practice for your photos! Take photos of your different make up trials to see how you look when a flash is used and what you look like during the day. Compare the looks and ask the opinions of dependable friends and family. They may be brutally honest and this is what you need. Good luck in choosing your artist and in starting your beauty reign early. Do not wait until the last minute. Plan ahead and you will be sure to look radiant! Stock up on bridal magazines or go on line to see different bridal looks. Choose the one that is right for you – not the artist. You want to look like 'you' but you also want to enhance your best features. Your wedding day is your big day to look and feel spectacular.

Tip: Remember that a Caribbean wedding means that the weather will absolutely be more humid and hot and you will need to be prepared. Pack blotting sheets in your wedding emergency bag. Beach Weddings means that the salt air and sand can also affect your 'flawless look' so be prepared with a powder powder than can help dust away that sticky (salt air) feeling easily.