What Is Bad About An Email Wedding Invitation?

Most couples have probably thought of using an email as their wedding invitation. There is no doubt that there are a lot of advantages of using an email invitation. It saves money. It is convenient. It can contain plenty of information. And there are many more. However, an email wedding invitation is not without problem.

People will agree that an email invitation is a lot more convenient than a physical one. However, because an email is not something physical, you can not keep it as we keep a physical wedding card. Of course we will never know how advanced technology will be say twenty five years later. It is highly likely that we will have new ways to keep emails. However, until now it is too virtual to keep an email invitation.

You can think of the following scenario and you will understand the importance of keeping the wedding invitation. One day when you are cleaning up your home and suddenly you find a wedding card. It is indeed the wedding invitation of your parents. You will certainly take a look at it. And it is really romantic and touching. Without a physical wedding invitation you will never have that sense of romance.

Beside, it may be quiet difficult to make the list of email addresses of your guests. You may not know the email address of you uncle and in this case you will probably need to phone him and ask for the email address. By calling him you can already tell him about your wedding, although it is not a formal way. But we have to bear in mind that an email wedding invitation is not a formal invitation either.

The problem will be more acute if some of your guests do not really go online. They may not check their email regularly. It will be a pity if they do not attend your wedding because they do not know you are going to marry. They just do not check the email and miss your perfect and sweet wedding ceremony.

At this point you may think of sending physical invitation to guests who do not go online often and send email to the other guests. However, the question I will ask is that "Do you really know who will and who will not check their email?" Furthermore, one of the points of using an email wedding invitation is to save money. It can be sure that you will ever spend more if you send both email and physical invitation.

One last point you may consider is etiquette. It seems that wedding is one of the things that we put a lot of emphasis on etiquette. If you are really care about the news of etiquette, you may not want to send an email wedding invitation. As discussed above, it is an informal invitation at the end of the day. If you are going to make everything formal for your wedding, there will not be any excuse for you to make the wedding invitation informal. Even if it can save you a lot of money.