What is your style?

The personal style in the way we dress is both a way of communicating with others, but also one through self-expression. Our choices unconsciously mirror our inner world and influence the way everyone thinks of us.

Dressing is a unique and everyday way of expressing ourselves. Even when we think we wear something with no further thoughts, we actually wear what expresses our mental state at that moment. The choice of any cloth expresses our mental state at the moment of its choice, while our style is directly related to our personality. The personal style in our clothes expresses and confirms the uniqueness of our personality. Sometimes, however, we show something different from what we really are, maybe something that we think we are or something we would like to be.

A closer look at your wardrobe will convince you that every piece of clothing you have on it has something of you. Your dressing options tell a lot about personality, character, but also the way you want the others to see you. According to the color psychology, for example, when your wardrobe is full of black clothes, then you are definitely not the most social, approachable and open guy! On the other hand, when colors are bright, it simply means that you are open, social and optimistic. When you are still obsessed with a particular color, it signifies something for you that depend on the color of choice. Generally the dark clothes though are clothes of power, mystery and professionalism. In daily dressing they give a negative feeling, lack of inspiration, liveliness, show insecurity and aggression.

On the contrary, bright clothes have exactly the opposite effect, suggesting vitality, optimism, purity and giving a sense of approachable and friendly person. More specifically, red is the color of the capacity, the passion, the heart and the self-esteem, the blue color of the spirit and the sky, the yellow of energy and creativity, the green of hope and tranquility and the blue of certainty and trust.

Let’s now see what our style represents about our personality.


If you prefer simple but careful dressing without peculiarities and patterns with no bright colors, then you are probably introverted. You like not to challenge, not to stand out, not to comment, and to live simply and discreetly. Your image is rigorous, measured. It does not give you much information about you and lets you live impersonal in your peace. You may be a bit shy.


If you are a fashionista and you like to dress up like a star and show an exclusive obsession with expensive brand name clothing, and your denim kjole is one of a kind, then you definitely love to work with each other and be at the center of attention. You like to live loudly and in passion. You are very interested in the way the others see you. Your image shows someone who wants to seem successful, but somewhere inside you is an internal insecurity. Your outfit generally reveals a materialistic personality and an unsafe attitude.


If you like to dress elegantly and according to the circumstances, then you have a balanced personality and you are fully aware of whom you are. You look and you are sure about yourself. You are confident and it is pretty obvious. You seem to be successful and really attractive too.


If your style is strictly professional, then you definitely look like a person with self-confidence. You inspire the other people’s respect and confidence. But if you do not adapt this outfit to your circumstances and your age, you look impersonal and inaccessible. It is advisable to adapt it to the circumstances that refer to your work and not your social life too.


Are your clothes old-fashioned, wrinkled and too big for you?  Then it seems that you do not only lose interest in your appearance, but also in life, work, your present and your future too. People who have adopted this style choose to look neglected, wanting to externalize their negative mood. There are also a lot of times that the neglect of our image and cleanliness is directly associated with symptoms of mental disorder.

Our style is the border between ourselves and the world that surrounds us. It can be at the same time a screen that hides us and a screen where our show is on. You are going to choose which side are you on..