What Women Want a Man to Be

Men constantly wonder what women want a man to have in terms of personality traits. Some women are not sure of what they want, but they will still be attracted to men with certain personality type. The personality trait is that of the "alpha male". There is a book called "Become an Alpha Male" which can show you exactly what you can do to attract women. To find out what women want a man to possess as far as personality scores go, read below.

A man who is intelligent will be very desirable to women. If you are intelligent and she can learn things from you then she will find you irresistible. She will not enjoy having to teach you everything.

Women want a man who displays confidence in himself and in his actions. If you find that you often walk around with your shoulders slumped and your eyes on your shoes then you should not expect a woman to go out with you any time soon. If you hold your head high and your shoulders back when you enter a room, however, women will notice.

They want a man who desires them. She wants to know that she is beautiful and that you want to be with her. Make sure that she knows you will do anything for her.

If you have any emotional baggage, any new woman is not going to want to hear about it. If you talk about your ex girlfriend and how she broke your heart on the first date, do not expect her to agree to a second date.

Women desire a combination of both emotional and physical satisfaction so try to balance these in your life and you will become irresistible.

Those are a few of the exercises on what women want a man to have. If you have even a few of these trains, women will want to be with you, and they will not be able to help it.