Wholesale Wedding Flowers For DIY Brides

Today's sophisticated bride is savvy when it comes to flowers for their wedding. Because wedding costumes easily exceed the reach of many brides, many wedding planners and brides are equally resorting to arranging their own wedding flowers for savings.

A popular flower, carnations are highly economic and resilient making it a perfect choice when it comes to deciding on floral arrangements. Many individuals prefer carnations since they are easy to arrange. They can be strung with wire to create kissing balls, floats, bouquets and centerpieces. Carnations also come in a wide variety of solid and multi-faceted colors which make them versatile for many occasions and their ambient colors.

Another popular flowers is the ever popular and ubiquitous rose. Available in a wide range of colors and lengths, roses are the quintessential flowers for weddings. Red and white roses are the most popular colors and are used heavily in wedding bouquets and centerpieces. Many boutonnieres and corsages are also made using roses.

Within the rose family comes garden roses which are unique given their old world look. Many are shaped like a peony and exhibit a cabbage like appearance. Many of these rose varieties also emit a sweet perfume which are perfect for a ceremony such as a wedding. Offered in a wide number of colors, garden roses are most commonly used for bridal bouquets. Delicate, yet elegant, is how many past brides describe these floral beauties.

Finally, mini calla lilies make an excellent choice for weddings and special events. Well priced and easy to arrange, callas are also available in a wide array of tones to help match with any event. Lengths are also an option among growers and enable DIY brides to choose from boutonniere sized callas, to larger sized ones which are fitting for bridesmaid bouquets. The Picasso and Flame varietals are among the most respected within the calla lily flower family, though, all calla lily flowers are popular.

DIY wedding flowers are a prudent choice for today's modern bride. Flower wholesale organizations offer the most flexibility when it comes to product availability and pricing. Wholesale roses are among the most popular floral choices for DIY brides and a popular seller among wholesalers.

When purchasing wholesale wedding flowers for DIY brides, many find that resorting to a flower wholesaler is the wisest choice. A flower wholesale company has the advantage of obtaining many flowers that are not normally available during the off season due to global reach. Additionally, flowers are packaged fresh and can be shipped direct from the farm to the client for optimal freshness.