Why Are Men So Insensitive?

The majority of men are not socially intelligent, men usually talk far less than a woman does and so are not as skilled as women are. Men do not think like women. Our brains are different and we are brought up differently.

I think you can safely say that most men do not talk as much as women. Talking is a talent women have, men talk but not particularly well. Even when men talk to their friends it is usually disjointed banter. When they make public speeches it is usually prepared well in advance.

Women find it easy to make a conversation and are very adaptable at moving the conversation onto another topic, men struggle to adapt the conversation and can not hold a conversation for as long as women. Of course there are some men that are born with female oriented brains, so there are some exceptions.

The majority of men do not set out to actively offend a woman by saying insensitive things.

They say insensitive things for a number of reasons:

– They word things wrong, so that they sound insensitive. Saying one thing but meaning something different.

– They don’t understand what is insensitive to women. When men talk to other men, anything goes. In fact the more outlandish the comments to another man, the more funny other men find it. They forget that women do not like to talk about the same things.

– Women analyse what men say and try to find an inner meaning to what they say. In general there is no inner meaning to what a man says. So men say one thing, women hear something else because they analyse it as if it was a woman talking.

– Then there is the loaded question. Need I say anything about that ladies. Where you ask a question that has no correct answer. That is very cruel and plays on the fact that men are not socially intelligent. Naughty ladies!