Why Balloon Gifts Are Exploding In Popularity

Balloons have been around for many centuries. They are a favorite at birthdays and other celebrations. Balloons make excellent gifts for almost any occasion. In recent years people have begun to fill balloons with trinkets and toys as another way of presenting your gift. There are many holidays celebrated around the world not to mention birthdays and special occasions.

When a birthday is nearby along with cake and ice cream, many people think of balloons. Whether filled with helium or carpeting the floor birthdays just are not the same without balloons. Adults can send balloons to adults at work on their birthday or even surprise your child with some balloons delivered to school. At birthdays around the world kids celebrate with water balloon fights and balloon volleyball. There are many birthday games played with a balloon.

When a friend or loved one is ill or having surgery, many people choose to bring balloons to the hospital. They are a way to cheer up another person. Some hospitals have put rules on balloons, so that no latex balloons are allowed anymore. That is for safety, but the popular Mylar balloons are still fine to bring to a hospital patient. Balloons will brighten a patient's room and hopefully their spirits.

Balloons come in many shapes, sizes, and colors making them excellent for decorating. From weddings, to births, to graduations, to a rummage sale there is a balloon that will add to the celebration.

Weddings traditionally have flowers at the ceremony and balloons at the reception and dance. It is as those people all understand; flowers are for beauty and balloons are for fun!

At birthdays balloons are used for games but also given as gifts to the birthday girl or boy. The array of colors that balloons come in make them a popular decoration from birth on up. Balloons in baby blue and pastel pink adorn the front of a newborns house, announcing their arrival. Friends and family who "forgot" to get a gift can stop by the local grocery store and get balloons, saving the day!

Graduations are celebrated with the students releasing a balloon at the end of the celebration to signify their leaving the nest and entering the world. Parents and friends reward student with balloons to congratulate all the hard work of many years.

People use balloons to attract others to their rummage sales. Banks often give balloons out when a child stops by with their parent.

Balloons have been a longtime reward for a job well done. Even in centuries past children were mesmerized by balloons. People from all over the world seem to understand that a balloon can lift one's spirit. Balloons make great gifts no matter what the occasion. They are wonderful in their simplicity.