Why vegan hair care is important?

It’s great that today many are interested in vegan cosmetics, brands and other products that fit this definition. Vegan hair care products, along with organic cosmetics, are one of the hottest trends in hair care and the chemical industry today. Of course, cosmetic companies also follow consumer preferences. They are increasingly making their products environmentally friendly, they do not test on animals neither finished cosmetics, nor each of components and it is prohibited to use components of animal origin.

What cannot be in the composition of vegan hair care products?

Obviously, vegan cosmetics are free of animal ingredients. Which ones, exactly?

Carmine or cochineal, which gives the products a pleasant reddish tint, is extracted from cochineal insect females, which contain a lot of this dye.

Well-known beeswax has emollient, nourishing and protective characteristics. However, it is an animal product.

Animal wax lanolin, obtained by digesting sheep’s wool, nourishes and protects.

Animal collagen is a protein and cosmetic component that provides tissues with recovery and youth. It is extracted from the skin of fish and shellfish.

Popular keratin, which helps smooth hair, restore and add shine, has traditionally been extracted from the hooves, horns, claws and feathers of various animals. The list is endless, here we can include many other components such as chitosan, natural glycerin, etc.

How to determine by the packaging and list of ingredients, which cosmetics are ethical?

Not tested on animals or Cruelty-free markings and even the usual PETA logo (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) are not always a guarantee that all requirements are met.

But we provide you with the logos below, having seen which, you can be calm for the ethics of cosmetics.

– PETA mark with the sign Cruelty-free and Vegan. It means that the company refused not only in vivo tests but also products of animal origin. The standard is valid in the USA, Canada and almost the entire European Union. The Australian nonprofit organization Choose Cruelty-Free adheres to the same principle.

The flower icon is the most stringent standard of the British Vegan Society, created in 1944. The Vegan Society forbids the use of even milk and honey. Its logo is a green letter V and a flower.

Why vegan hair care is important?

Vegan hair care products are not just a new fashion trend, it is a special philosophy, the desire to live in harmony with nature and the world. Vegan noted that nature gave human everything they needed to be beautiful and healthy, you only need to learn how to use all the opportunities provided by it.

The experience of vegans shows that natural products are as effective as any other cosmetics. A few years ago we would need to spend a lot of time before the results become visible, but now the formulations and technologies of the products have changed beyond recognition. Don’t sacrifice both your beauty and lives of pretty creatures.