Why Women Love Bad Boys

Women fall for "bad boys" mostly because the women are evaluating t he men on short-term considerations, rather than the long-term considerations that should be using most often in deciding whether to date (much less "fall for") the men .

Some short term considerations that could get a woman in long-term trouble are that he is

… very exciting

… quite unconventional

… very handsome

… extravagant

… outrageous

… really spontaneous

I do not mean to say that these are negative hits. Not at all; they can be either positive or negative, depending upon who the man is, at his core.

I suggest that you seek to date, have sex with, and absolutely marry only what I call a Good Man, who has all of these four characteristics as part of his personality.

A Good Man …

o Has good values ​​and tells the truth;

o Is conscious of what is going on in his world and of how he lives his life;

o Is a nice person (very key!), and supportive of his woman;

o Is positive, optimistic, and happy

"Bad boys" are missing one or more of these important, long-term characteristics. Good Men have all four characteristics as part of who they are. On top of that, if they are exciting, unconventional, handsome, extravagant, outrageous, and spontaneous … wow, that's great. But, if they lack good values, awareness, niceness, and positiveness, those additional considerations may well play out negatively in the long-term.

If you really are happy thinking only of the short-term with a particular man, go ahead and get involved with Johnny Exciting-and-Handsome. But do not expect long-term happiness without Johnny is also a Good Man. Be honest with yourself, I tell you: Are you in this relationship for the short-term or the long-term?