Why You Might Be Hopeless With Women and What to Do About It

Call me crazy but I strongly believe every guy, no matter rich or poor, whatever is it, has what it takes to get any girl he wants if he puts his mind into it. All it takes is start making small, little changes in yourself and women around you will start perceiving you differently.

You don’t have to be completely hopeless in attracting women or a complete loser in front of women. You just have to learn what needs to be done to change for the better.

Reason #1 – Just Plain Boring

Now, this is nothing new. Ask yourself. Are you fun to be around with? Do you have interesting or funny conversation openers? You can’t be plain old average Joe when talking to hot women. Be exciting to be with.

To Do: Break out from your comfort zone. Pick up topics that women are naturally interested about. Topics like handwriting analysis, “mind reading” and some simple, easy to do magic tricks. Pick one topic to start with, they are pretty to master.

Reason #2 – Too Needy

When you see any hot girl you desire, you can easily expect men to be following her around like a puppy dog. Those men are needy. Do you make the same mistake? Trying to suck up to her, hoping that in return she will fall for you? That is bad thinking. Hot women are never attracted to needy men, men that are unable to stand up for themselves. Think about it for a moment. Why women are often attracted to jerks? Do jerks ever appear to be pleasing their women 24/7? 

To Do: Learn to master the “give a little, then lean back” tactic; you’ll create in the woman’s mind a sense of wanting more.

Reason #3 – Low Self Confidence

Confidence is the key to many successes in life and that includes being able to naturally attract and keep women. And of course, many males in this world lack this character trait.

To Do: “Fake it till you make it” strategy. This means that you go out to the field armed with a few techniques and meet women. The key here is to practice, practice and more practice. As you practice more and more, you naturally gain confidence towards women.

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