Woman – Man's Christian Gift From God

The Bible's first story of man tells us that man was created from the dust of the earth, (Genesis 4: 2). Then, God created woman from the rib of man, (Genesis 4:18). Woman was not created from man's arms to be held in bondage. She was not created from his back to never be seen or heard. Nor was woman created from his feet to be stepped on. She was created from a rib on his side, to signify that they should walk side by side through life together. A man's side is under his the arm to signify that she should be protected by him. It is also close to his heart, to be always loved by him. This was truly the position with man that God intended woman to be.

A good example of a Woman; Man's Christian gift from God and of God's true intention of a woman's place with man is "The Book of Esther." In (2 Chronicles 36: 15-17) we are told, God became so upset with His people "The Israelites" that He allowed them to be taken from the "Promised Land," and for many years held in bondage and slavery. Then God chose a woman named Esther to save the Jews from a certain death.

When Hadassah who was also called Esther was growing up had no immediate family and seemingly no future. Her cousin Mordecai adopted her, and took her into his family. Mordecai taught her to respect and love God with all her heart, all her soul, and all her mind. He told her that she was one of God's children and special in His eyes. He told her that if she would always follow "God's Word" that she would grow up to do great things.

Mordecai taught Esther that God has uniquely gifted each of His children. He also told Hadassah that she needed to discover her gifted talents, abilities, and natural strengths. Because God has a plan for her and that there would be something important that someday only she could accomplish for God!

Xerxes King of Persia, ruler of 27 states and all the Israelites once held a 7 day feast to honor every man in his palace, and Queen Vashti also possessed a banquet to honor every woman in the palace. On the seventh day of this feast King Xerxes sent his messengers to his Queen with a command to make an appearance to show her beauty to the people and important men, but she refused. The King was so embarrassed by her refusal that he banished her from the kingdom never to return.

King Xerxes then set out to find another Queen to replace her, and by by his side. He ordered that only the most beautiful virgin women of his kingdom gathered together to make audience with the King, and Esther was chosen as one of them. King Xerxes was pleased with Esther more than any of the other women and was elected to become his new Queen.

At that time, Haman was the king's Prime Minister. This was the highest position in the land under the king. Haman hated all the Jews and he especially hated Mordecai because he would not bow down to him. Haman devised a scheme to have the King Xerxes give him permission to kill all the Israelites and to also hang Mordecai, which the king cave him.

Mordecai learned of Haman's plan, and then sent a messenger to inform Esther of Haman's viscous plan to kill him and all the Jewish people. Esther thought about what she had heard from Mordecai's messenger and came up with a plan herself. She then went to King Xerxes and asked that he and Haman come to a banquet that she would have prepared for them. During the banquet, Esther exposed Haman's diabolical plan to King Xerxes and saved Mordecai, herself, and all the Jewish people from a certain death!

In the Old Testament "The Book of Esther" truly portraits Woman; Man's Christian gift from God. I hope that this example will always remember by every man and woman alike.