Woman sparks debate over her list of strict wedding rules

No boring people allowed.

A woman has sparked a viral online debate after she revealed her list of 13 strict wedding rules — despite not even being engaged.

Kennedy Marks posted a video to TikTok with a screenshot of a note titled: “Wedding guest rules,” which gained over 1.84 million views. She said she’s been planning her wedding since she was 8 years old, so she feels as though she’s “accumulated a good list.”

However, Marks acknowledged that her boyfriend isn’t planning on proposing “anytime soon” and isn’t aware of her rules.

While she admitted that the rules might seem harsh, she reasoned that weddings are “so expensive,” so she’s going to be “a perfectionist” when her day comes.

Marks believes her first rule should be applied to all weddings: Only the bride wears white.

“I’m paying so much money,” she said in the video. “I’ve invited you to my day. Please have the respect of not wearing white, please, come on.”

“My bridesmaids are under very strict instruction that if someone comes in wearing white, a bottle of red wine will be poured on you and you will be getting out before I see you.”

Marks’ second rule is that no children are allowed — unless they are approved by her.

Kennedy Marks said she’s been planning her wedding since she was 8 years old.

She explains she loves children, but she doesn’t want them ruining the wedding by screaming at the ceremony or running onto the dance floor during her first dance.

“Unless you’re going to look after your children, you’re going to be there with them 24/7 holding them — sadly, I’m so sorry.”

Guests also shouldn’t be under the assumption that their invitation to her wedding includes a plus one, saying she doesn’t want to pay for a guest to be there if she hardly knows the person.

The fourth rule is one Marks considers a “very big one.” No announcements can be made at her wedding. This includes pregnancies or engagements.

“Please, for the love of God, do not take the attention away from me,” she said. “We will never be friends again.”

Marks also doesn’t want her guests grabbing microphones from the live musicians she plans to have at her wedding, making her fifth rule no microphones “unless preapproved.”

The TikToker ran out of time explaining her list, so she carried on in a follow-up video with her sixth rule, “Do not stress me out.”

She explains that if anyone has questions they have to speak to her mom, who knows her “through and through” and is also a “perfectionist.”

Also not allowed: boring people. 

“If you’re not going to get up and dance with me, if you’re not going to make the most of the wedding, then sadly I don’t want you there,” she said. “I don’t want to pay all that money for you to just be boring.”

Rule No. 8 is one of her “biggest.” If she or her current boyfriend Rhys have never met someone, they’re not invited. She noted that she doesn’t want to be introduced to people on her wedding day, and this includes distant family. 

Her next rule is that if anyone is rude to the staff, they’ll have to leave the wedding. She emphasized that she wants staff to be treated well.

“I want them to have fun. I want them to have a good day. I want them to have a good shift. So if you’re rude to them, I don’t want to be your friend, get out. Why are you here?”

Marks said her 10th rule is no phones at the wedding ceremony, which she noted a lot of people do now.

No. 11: Anyone on the dance floor during her first dance “will be dragged off.”

wedding rules
The two videos have gained over 1.84 million views as of Tuesday.

She goes on to say her best friends will drag those people off the dance floor and “you will never be seen again, you will disappear after that.”

Marks’ 12th rule is “really important” to her. Guests can wear whatever they’re comfortable in.

“If you want to turn up naked, you turn up naked,” she said. “As long as you feel comfortable and happy, I’m happy.”

Her last rule is that guests can only have full use of her photographers “after [her] requested photos.”

She explains she wants her guests to have cute photos to post on Instagram, but only after she gets the photos she wants.

The two videos explaining her rules have garnered conflicting responses, with some users in agreeance.

“I will never understand how anyone could ever think that someone else’s wedding is a good place to make a big announcement like pregnancy or proposal,” one wrote.

“It’s YOUR day, anyone that doesn’t like the rules doesn’t need to be there,” another chimed in.

“I thought this was just common sense,” another said. “If people don’t respect this, they clearly don’t care or respect you.”

Others thought the list was a bit extreme.

“Bridezilla you’re not even getting married,” one person wrote. “Red flag to your boyfriend, run when you can. He has no say, it’s his day too.”

“So basically just don’t marry her,” another quipped.

“It’s so jarring how silly these rules are,” a user commented. “This is why people have anxiety, because everything has to be perfect.”