Women and Weight Gain – How to Gain Weight Fast

Wanting to gain weight is a rare occurrence in this day and age but for a few "hard gainers" this is an unbeatable mountain. Gaining weight for women is unbelievably easy. No need for intensive weight gain programs or dangerous unproven supplements. All you need is a healthy diet, plenty of it, and a few minutes of workout per day. Another perspective is to eat more calories than you require.

Stick to More of Your Healthy Diet

Trying to gain weight is not a free for all. Pigging out on fast-food is an unhealthy way to gain weight. You'll get bad weight – weight that makes you feel horrible and your body sick. What this means mean is to eat mostly foods from the grains, fruits, vegetables, some protein and lowest in fat. See your health professional or use simple online tools to calculate your caloric needs, then you'll know how much you need to consume to exceed them.

Eat Foods Denser in Calories

Take for example, plumbs and prunes. Plumbs and prunes are essentially the same fruit with the same number of calories in different form. While a certain number of plumbs may be used to fill a cup, more plumbs in its dehydrated form (prunes) can be used to fill the same cup. The same is true for grapes and raisins.

Feel Free to Drink Some of Your Calories

It may be difficult at first or difficult period to consume enough solid foods to meet your caloric goals. At this point shakes come in very handy to help you get that extra gram of protein or fat. It's far more appealing than eating and extra pound of steak after a full-course meal! Try making your own with protein powders, milk, and fruits and your liking. Smoothies and milkshakes are an excellent source of protein and fat.

Stick to these elementary steps and you'll be well on your way to healthy body full of the lovely curves you always wanted. As you can see, gaining weight for women is unbelievably easy.