Women are Braver Than Men

Women are, in fact, a great deal braver than men. A particularly infuriating male friend recently remarked that women needed men to lean upon, needing the support of the stronger sex in difficulties and so on and so forth, until I was ready to scream. In fact, nothing could be further from the truth.

Women have a much stronger constitution in so many instances; being able to survive far more physical pain (do we dare quote childbirth for the how many thousandth time? Have you guys ever tried pulling your top lip over your head?).

In my opinion they are also able to tolerate far greater emotional trauma than any of their male counterparts. Divorce, bereavement, bankruptcy and redundancy are all high on the list of things women agree with far better than men. Not to mention road rage.

I was hospitalized once for a minor operation. In the recovery stage I was able to walk to the end of the ward and socialize in the patient's dayroom with some of the other inmates of the opposition ward. There were women there who had undergone hysterectomies only the day before but bravely staggering around the corridors, pulling a drip stand along behind them, every step an agony. Sitting on the sofa were two men, both of which got up to offer the ladies a seat, comparing dresses on their respective ingrown toenails and complaining about the agonies they had gone through.

There was no comparison to be made between the suffering of the ladies who had undergone what was then major surgery, and the slight discomfort these two men had to put up with. I resistent the urge to trip over their ingrown toenails on the way to the corridor.

Women have colds; men have only flu. Women have indigestion; men have food poisoning. Women sneak out of their beds at night to feed the baby for the fourth time that evening, careful to tiptoe around snoring hubby, who in my opinion describes a good kick to send him flying onto the floor the other side of the bed and then to be drop kicked into the nursery to tend to HIS child and to make a practical contribution to HIS child's upbringing as much as the mother.

Women invariably are detailed to clean up nasty spills in the home, such as baby poo – baby vomit, dog poo, cat poo (even worse – yuk) and various other types of animal excreta which do not bear thinking about, while the brave man of the family quietly heaves in a corner and informs everyone 'sorry, I do not do dog poo, it makes me feel sick.' So what, chum – it's your dog / cat / baby / budgie / hamster – you fix it!

The comparators are interesting to make but unfortunately only half the population is brave enough to read the analysis!