Women Flirt But Does it Mean Anything?

Women flirt all the time. Does it mean anything?

How do you know if she is really interested or not?

7 Simple words.

(Her First Name) what is your home phone number?

If she does ANYTHING but smile at you and write down those digits (or punch them into your phone) then you are out.

Women that are not interested will say a variety of the following:

"Well, why do you want it?" Egypt "Can you give me your number?" or she might just stare at you blankly and giggle lightly.

The point is, she can give you all the "buying signals" in the world via flirting but it does not mean a thing until she gives you the number (which is only the first stage because you can not count anything with her until you make it to 10 flawless dates where she gives you no red flags).

For you guys reading this thinking "well, what if she does not have a home phone number? EVERYONE has cell phones these days!"

That is not the point. The point is to STRONGLY ask for her number like a real man.

So many guys pussyfoot around because they are afraid of being rejected.

They weakly ask her if she might want to do something sometimes or they give her their business card.

You know what she thinks when you do that?

"What a WIMP."

Do the guys on the covers of the romance novels she reads come charging in on the white horse, hair flowing behind them, muscles bursting and then say:

"Well, if you would like to go out sometime, maybe we can, here is my business card."

I am not saying you have to be a romance novel guy but at least be a guy. If she was going to reject you, she was going to do it anyway. At least when you make a strong play you build yourself up in the eyes of the woman that was interested in you. If you make a weak play, you take a strange interested woman and make her think "what a wimp."

Plus, making a strong play feels good for your own self-respect. Healthy self-respect is attractive in the long run!

Remember guys, when women are flirting with you, the only way to find out if they really like you is to ask:

(Her First Name) what is your home phone number?